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Critical Considerations in Firewall Topology Selection

Critical Considerations in Firewall Topology Selection

An organization’s information system is either secure or not since there is no middle ground regarding network security. This makes security an important aspect of the wireless platform within an organization. An organization should be extremely cautious in its selection of the right firewall topology because this contributes to fostering the security of the information system belonging to the organization. While there are many factors that the organization should consider while choosing the correct firewall topology, this paper will elaborate on two important factors to be considered.

The first factor to be considered in selecting the right firewall topology for an organization is the visibility and control of the organization’s applications. While it may not be good for everyone to easily access some of the organizations’ applications, such as YouTube and Facebook, these applications should be accessible by the marketing team. In this regard, selecting the right firewall topology ensures that different users are granted certain rights of access to enable them to execute their jobs properly (Gaudet et al., 2020). Besides these access rights, the users would be prohibited from accessing certain applications to ensure that the organization’s confidential information does not land in the wrong hands (Gaudet et al., 2020). In some cases, users may be permitted to utilize Facebook calling and messaging but are not allowed to post on a friend’s wall.

The other point to consider when selecting the correct firewall topology is its ability to protect and prevent threats. The organization should not settle on a port-based firewall because it cannot see applications or users illegally accessing its network (Prabakaran et al., 2022). This is a great problem regarding data breach cases because it would not be able to protect the network from users with malicious intentions. Therefore, settling on a next-gen firewall would be advisable for the organization because it can see and regulate the access of sensitive information from the wireless network (Prabakaran et al., 2022). Additionally, the next-gen firewall is important because it can scan approved applications to ensure that they do not pass on potential threats to the application, thus ensuring an efficient flow of information on the organization’s network.


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Firewalls monitor packets passing between the internet and the organization’s internal network. These firewalls have an associated set of rules to monitor the passing packets. With respect to firewalls, respond to the following in a minimum of 200 words:

Critical Considerations in Firewall Topology Selection

Critical Considerations in Firewall Topology Selection

Discuss 2 important points that need to be considered while choosing the correct firewall topology. Use an example to support your points.

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