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Crime Control Perspective

Crime Control Perspective

Law enforcement and the criminal justice system apply various crime control approaches while combating crime. These include the crime control perspective. The crime control perspective is a control model that supports the speedy processing of crime suspects via legal judiciary systems and standardized punishment of the guilty perpetrators according to the degree of seriousness of the crimes they committed (Rich, 1977). Also, supporters of the crime control perspective believe the arrested and prosecuted are guilty (Rich, 1977). In addition, from the standpoint of the crime control model, freeing criminals fails the criminal justice system (Kaylor, 2014). These supporters argue that freeing offenders and letting them go unpunished inevitably results in a chaotic and disorganized society and loss of social freedom (Kaylor, 2014). As a result, the crime control perspective encourages the establishment of policies emphasizing the arrest and punishment of criminals as a strategy to deter crime and repress criminal conduct (Rich, 1977). Moreover, the crime control perspective implies that autonomy has nothing to do with protecting law-abiders from oppressiveness; instead, it is achieved with the safety of law-abiding individuals (Kaylor, 2014).

On the other hand, another crime control approach is the due process perspective model. The due process model differs from the crime control model in that it protects the defendant and emphasizes their rights, arguing that the defendant is innocent until proven guilty. In addition, it encourages the establishment of rehabilitation programs for offenders proven guilty (Rich, 1977). Accordingly, the due process perspective argues for the minimization of criminal justice system interventions and favors the development of informal social controls like rehabilitation institutions (Rich, 1977).

In summary, even though criminal justice may utilize both perspective models to combat crime, the current criminal justice tends to lean towards the due process perspective(Rich, 1977). As a result, this has resulted in the development of community institutions like community treatment centers, parole clinics, rehabilitative centers, and halfway houses where individuals under parole supervision reside (Rich, 1977).


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Define the term “crime control perspective.”

Crime Control Perspective

Crime Control Perspective

Compare and contrast the various crime control perspectives.

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