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Creating a Supportive and Caring Environment for Learners

Creating a Supportive and Caring Environment for Learners

Tutors should work towards creating a supportive and caring environment for learners to enhance positive learning that influences students’ feelings. These strategies include celebrating diversity, having high expectations for students, celebrating all students, and showing students that one cares about them (Burden and David 39-40). Among the highlighted strategies, the selected strategy for this discussion concerns offering care to students. It is true that just knowing students’ names is not enough to create a supportive and caring classroom. However, tutors showing students that they care about and genuinely care for them and look out for them makes all the difference in the world. This is because it makes students feel valued irrespective of their behaviors or characteristics, and they are more likely to engage in classroom activities. Even when a teacher wishes to deal with students about a particular issue, the student will recognize the teacher’s actions as well-intentioned rather than bad-intentioned because the teacher often shows care towards them.

The three ways I would incorporate the strategy of showing students that I care about them are nurturing their self-confidence and self-esteem by praising a job well done and reasonable efforts, not just results. Also, actively listening to students shows them a tutor cares about them. Besides, Brookhart (2017) insists that a tutor who listens actively to learners listens to the meaning behind what students say, then checks with them together to ensure they have correctly understood a concept, affirms learners’ dignity, and aids in developing a trusting relationship between students and teachers (12). Finally, I would ask students for feedback by either choosing any topic of the learner’s choice or asking them to write some sentences on what concerns or confuses them most on the subject. Such will show students that an educator values their experiences and opinions, creating a classroom culture where students feel safe and free to ask questions and even take chances that will assist them in improving academically.

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It is not enough to know your students’ names and assume that all children come from the same home environment; you must get to know your students’ cultural backgrounds to create a truly inclusive classroom that nurtures all children.

Creating a Supportive and Caring Environment for Learners

Creating a Supportive and Caring Environment for Learners

Look at the six ways to create a supportive, caring environment beginning on page 40, and choose one of the sections to elaborate on. Choose 1 of the six suggestions to develop a supportive multicultural classroom and explain why you chose the idea that you did, what it means to you in at least a paragraph (8-10 sentences), and include at least three ways that you would incorporate the chosen suggestion into your classroom when working with young children.
The book is called Methods for Effective Teaching. Boston: Allyn and Bacon 8th edition 2016

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