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Course Reflection

Course Reflection

What to Change and Why

The course offers an opportunity to compare America’s present and the past. Given a chance, one thing I would change is the nature of the political landscape and governance. A key highlight from the Reconstruction era is the inconsistent nature in which former American presidents have run the country. These inconsistencies slow the process of achieving the common good for the country. For instance, Presidents Lincoln and Johnson displayed significant differences in how they managed the union. After President Lincoln’s death, President Johnson went ahead to reconstruct the Confederate states while Congress was out of session (Hamby et al., 2009). Such policy differences have played out recently and continue to affect America’s position as a world leader.

Interesting Topic in the Course

Throughout the course, an exciting topic that stood out was the longstanding American reconstruction journey. Some of the damages during the Civil War can be felt to date. One notable case is the destruction meted out on the rail transport system. As the most crucial network linking North and South America, the railroads suffered immense damage from overwhelming traffic during the war (Hamby et al., 2009). Fast forward, the Biden administration committed to repairing and reconstructing the railroads in 2020. A whopping $66 billion has been set aside to expand the rail system (Hampton, 2021). Although previous administrations have ignored the rail system, Biden’s decision to delve into its expansion will exploit its potential.

Advice to Future Students

Undeniably, history is one of the most exciting subjects to learn since it links present circumstances to the past. My advice to future students is that they take it positively. An essential tip to retain historical information is to gather events chronologically and dig out why events unfolded in the manner they did. Also, I would advise future students to examine the policies of America’s past administrations and evaluate their political, institutional, and social impacts. An assessment of previous administrations’ performance offers a glimpse of their mistakes and potential safeguards to avoid repeating the errors.


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Hampton, D. (2021). Amtrak CEO Outlines Plans for Spending $66 Billion from Infrastructure Funding. NBC News.


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Unit 8.2 DB: Course ReflectionUnit 8.2 DB: Course Reflection
After having the opportunity to complete the course, what would you change and why?

Course Reflection

Course Reflection

What topic particularly caught your interest, and what do you want to know more about? Last but not least, if you could share one piece of advice about this class with the next class, what would it be? Please note that this pertains to the class, the materials, flow/organization, etc.
Thank you, and good luck on your educational journey!

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