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Course Progress Report

Course Progress Report

My personal relationship goal was to improve my relationship with my daughter.

The main issues affecting my relationship with my daughter were that she was being disrespectful and disobedient to me, something that made our relationship toxic. On numerous occasions, my daughter would rebel against almost everything I asked her to do, whether at home or in social places. Even though these embarrassing behaviors made me angry, I always thought that my daughter was disrespectful and rebellious because she hated me. In this case, therefore, the personal relationship goal I wanted to achieve by applying the course teachings is to maintain a strong relationship with my daughter, teach her valuable skills, and maintain a loving and caring parent-daughter relationship.

So far, the course teachings have significantly helped me to learn how to remain calm and avoid overreacting anytime my daughter is being disrespectful or disobedient. Instead of overreacting, I focus on teaching her valuable skills and how she should be respectful. Furthermore, applying the effective communication skills learned in this course has helped me to use kind and loving words to teach my daughter how to be respectful and obedient instead of punishing her for disrespectful and rebellious behaviors. Most importantly, I have so far learned the importance of apologizing to my daughter when I do her wrong, which has strengthened our relationship that how it was initially. Some of the targets I have achieved in my personal relationship goal at the moment include establishing a strong relationship with my daughter and teaching her some valuable skills. However, in order to accomplish my relational goal entirely, some of the things I need to change or improve include learning to ignore any disrespectful or rebellious behaviors portrayed by my daughter and using compensation to reward her respectful and obedient behaviors. Through these strategies, together with the course teachings, I believe I will be able to accomplish my personal relationship goal successfully.


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Course Progress Report

Course Progress Report

“Personal Progress, Future Strategies, and Unresolved Questions: Where did I begin; where did I want to go; how far did I get; and what else do I need to do to reach my relational goals?”

Do a one-page Progress Report as instructed.

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