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Contemporary Issues and Reflection on Course Learning

Contemporary Issues and Reflection on Course Learning

Social media has grown to be a valuable communication tool in contemporary society. With the increase in internet connectivity and smartphone use, social media is becoming a dominant factor in global interactions. The expansivity of social media has, however, seen a significant share of controversies. Several ethical issues have come up and are linked to the use of social media.

The use of social media among adolescents and youth has been linked to physical and psychological issues in society. Vices such as peer pressure and consequent mental stress have been attributable in part to social media. Peer pressure from social media use has also been implicated in behavioral changes among members of this population, with the consequence being increased drug and substance abuse and in several negative social behaviors such as crime and violence involvement (Somani & Meghani, 2016). Ethical issues have also been realized in the use of social media within the healthcare system. According to Bamidis et al. (2017), issues such as a breach of patient confidentiality, information privacy, and trust have all been seen when social media is used in healthcare communications.

The three takeaways from the course include supervision methods, a comprehensive community counseling program, and ethical issues in couples and family therapy. The concepts in the supervision method gave me a perspective on the significance of administration in ensuring work efficiency. Supervision methods highlight the various techniques utilized by administrators to ensure that work is done. The topic of comprehensive community counseling programs highlights how health promotional programs can be planned and executed within the communities. Counseling programs have been used as psychotherapeutic approaches for various mental disorders. Understanding this topic was, therefore, key in equipping future caregivers with the necessary set of skills required in the field. The topic of couples and family therapy highlights the complexities presented in handling these groups of clients. Appreciation of these groups both as a collective entity and as individuals with intrinsic rights will enable caregivers to tackle these complexities and resolve all issues presented within these groups.


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Somani, S., & Meghani, S. (2016). Substance Abuse among Youth: A Harsh Reality. Emergency Medicine: Open Access6(4).


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Choose one of the following topics and describe the ethical issues that might arise for psychologists with respect to that topic.

Amazon Company Analysis

Amazon Company Analysis

Interrogations and Ethics
National Security and Ethics
Corporate Funding and Ethics
Online Therapy and Ethics
Social Media and Ethics
Part B

Please share 3 prominent takeaways that you gleaned from the course. Think about and share with your classmates what was meaningful to you and why. (Supervision method, Comprehensive Community Counseling Programs, Ethical Issues in Couples and Family Therapy)

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