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Consumer Behavior

Consumer Behavior

Overview of a Website Effectively Reaching Its Customers and Another that is not

Websites are among the most popular platforms brands and organizations use to communicate with customers and advertise their products and services. Many organizations have created great websites showcasing their products clearly and a customer support section where customers can enquire about the company’s products and services. However, some organizations and brands do not have good websites that can effectively reach customers. One of the websites that I feel effectively reaches customers is the Sasha Primak website. Sasha Primak is a jewelry manufacturing company that offers a wide range of services, including jewelry finishing and product development. Figure 1 below illustrates the website’s top page.

Figure 1: Sasha Primak website (Source:

The website is appealing and catches the customers’ attention through the black background, photos of luxurious jewellery

, beautiful typography, and the statement summarizing the brand’s value proposition. The photos of luxurious jewellery appeal to customers who perceive the brand as a luxury brand and want to be associated with it. The photos also appeal to customers with extroverted personalities who may be looking for jewelry to help them stand out during social occasions. The photos additionally appeal to customers with a hedonistic lifestyle because such customers look for satisfaction and enjoyment by consuming goods and services. The website also has clear photos of the brand’s different products, thus helping customers view different options before making the purchase decision. This feature appeals to customers with a variety-seeking behaviour. The website also has a section listing locations where a customer can purchase the brand’s products, thus making it easier for the customer to make the purchase decision based on whether they can access the brand’s stores. This feature motivates customers who are motivated by convenience.

One of the websites that I feel is not effectively reaching customers is Arngren’s website. Arngren is an electronics company that sells electronic gadgets, electronics, and post office mail products. Figure 2 below illustrates the website.

Figure 2: Arngren website (Source:

The website does not effectively communicate with customers because it contains too much information making it hard to review the brand’s products and get the information a customer may want. The website also lacks a customer support section where customers can inquire about the company’s products. The lack of customer support may create a negative attitude towards the brand by creating an impression that the brand is not concerned about customers’ inquiries.

How Websites Change to Align with Consumer Demands

One of the changes that organizations make on their websites to align with consumer demands is simplifying the website’s homepage to enhance user experience. Organizations also divide the website’s homepage into different sections to allow potential customers who visit the website to navigate the website and find the information they are looking for. The second change is using infographics to inform potential customers about the company’s products and services and communicate the brand’s unique value proposition. The third change is upgrading photos to include professional, clear photos. Organizations must ensure that the images they use on their websites are clear for potential customers who access the website using their phones and laptops. Quality photos create an appealing and professional look, thus attracting more customers. Therefore, organizations are investing in the quality of photos they use to advertise their products. The fourth change is maintaining simplicity to accommodate average users unfamiliar with technical jargon. Sasha Primak’s website is updated with fresh graphics and information, but Arngren’s website is not based on the quality of the photos on the website.

How both Websites Capitalize on Self-Perception to Influence Consumer Buying Habits

According to Gourinat (2020), self-perception is the idea that a person has about the kind of individual they are. Consumer buying habits are influenced by the personal, psychological, and social factors that shape a person’s self-perception. Personal factors include culture, gender, age, and profession. Psychological factors include attitudes and perceptions. Social factors include social media, family, and friends. The two websites capitalize on self-perception to appeal to customers to purchase their products. Sasha Primak’s website capitalizes on self-perception by using photos of luxurious images to appeal to customers who perceive themselves as rich and those who focus on appreciating themselves by buying expensive and luxurious jewellery. Arngren’s website capitalizes on self-perception to influence buying habits by giving customers with different tastes and preferences a variety of products to choose from and stating the price for each product to appeal to customers motivated to buy positively valued products for a positive self-image.

How Personality Characteristics Impact Buying Behaviors and, Ultimately, Lifestyle Choices

According to Dagher & Itani (2014), a customer’s personality can impact their behaviours, including the brands they purchase from, the types of marketing that appeal to them, and when to shop. Personality characteristics influence what customers look for when purchasing a product and how much they are willing to spend on a product. Personality characteristics may also influence a person’s lifestyle based on what a person purchases and the social class they identify with. Customers will likely buy brands they perceive to be more relevant to their lives. For instance, customers in the high economic and social class in society who pride themselves on living luxurious lives and owning the best things will likely purchase luxury products such as Sasha Primak jewelry. Sasha Primak’s website makes the most of this behaviour by posting photos of luxurious jewellery.

Consequently, customers who pride themselves in owning unique things may look for antique and unique products and are willing to pay any amount to purchase them. Arngren’s website makes the most of this behaviour by positing a variety of unique cars, bicycles, and motorcycles. Personality characteristics also impact the decision about where a person shops. For example, people who do not prefer crowded places may look for websites that offer online shopping. Arngren’s website has capitalized on this behaviour by enabling customers to order their products through the website. Although Sasha Primak’s website does not offer online shopping options, it gives customers a list of places to purchase the brand’s products and contact information.


Websites are an important platform for marketing a company’s products and services and interacting with potential and existing customers. Sasha Primak has one of the best company websites because the website effectively reaches customers and communicates the company’s image. Consequently, Arngren’s website does not effectively reach customers. Therefore, Arngren should consider improving its website to reach its target market better. One of the things that the company should do is use quality images that clearly show the products to help customers identify unique features in each product and gain interest in purchasing. The second thing that the company should do is change the website colours to make it more appealing. The third thing is creating a category for each product line and posting the product’s photos under each category. For instance, the company can create a category for bicycles, trucks, cars, and motorcycles to make it easier for potential customers to trace the products. Arngren should also create a customer support segment on its website to enable customers to seek more information about the products and get customer support. The website can also be improved by including a section that outlines the company’s purpose of connecting with new customers who may have limited information about the company and its products.


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Companies, both large and small, have evolved the use of websites from an optional feature to a required component of business. Research two websites—one of which you feel is effectively reaching its customers and another that is not. For this journal, explain your rationale from a consumer buying perspective. Your response should include a minimum of five concepts learned in this unit (e.g., perception, personality, and motivation). Conclude your response with your perspective on how the ineffective website might improve to better reach its target market.

In addition to the five

Consumer Behavior

Consumer Behavior

concepts, include information on the following topics when evaluating the overall effectiveness of the websites.

Describe how websites change to align with consumer demands. Are both websites updated with fresh graphics and information?
Explain how both websites capitalize on self-perception to influence consumer buying habits.
Analyze how personality characteristics impact buying behaviours and, ultimately, lifestyle choices. How does each website make the most of this behaviour?

Your response must be at least two pages in length. Outside resources are not required, but if any are used, they should be cited and referenced in APA format.

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