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Consequences of Sexual Harassment on Workplace Relationships

Consequences of Sexual Harassment on Workplace Relationships

Sexual harassment is defined as unwanted physical, written or verbal conduct that is sexual that comprises inappropriate physical contact, lewd comments, and inappropriate behaviour. Accordingly, any harassment in an organization has awful consequences for all involved since it affects not only the victims and the harasser but also the entire firm and other employees. The corporation is likely to experience negative backslash regarding not being comfortable with the envy of their work environment, Uggen & Blackstone, 2012).

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Consequences of sexual harassment in the Workplace

 The impact of sexual harassment indeed affects every individual in the workplace, not just those involved. To begin with, the firm may end up losing its workers because of the hostile environment; the current staff may feel that the situation might happen once more or that revenge is likely to happen. As a result, employees may not want to work in such a distressed business. In addition, it tarnishes the company’s reputation more so if the organization did nothing to assist the victim or protect the harasser.

Moreover, sexual harassment affects the emotional well-being of workers. Sexual harassment puts at risk the casualty’s emotional and we casualty’s horological health. It leads to self-esteem injury, which in turn is likely to compromise personal relationships. Sexual harassment at work causes stress and anxiety (McDonald, 2012). Not to forget that physical and emotional health are closely related; thus, these victims experience mental and emotional problems. In most cases, it leads to physical health issues like sleep disturbances, loss of appetite, and headaches. However, sleep disturbances may result in other serious health problems like increased risk of high blood pressure, weakened immunity and hormonal imbalance.

Apart from sexual harassment causing health problems, it leads to financial challenges. Consequently, the victim needs to inform their sexual harassment attorney about any financial consequences of sexual harassment, like unpaid leave and lost wages (McDonald, 2012). Furthermore, at some point, sufferers of sexual provocation face wider career ramifications like loss of job positions; this can make them decide to leave their current work to avoid a hostile working environment.


The company and employers must avert sexual harassment from occurring in the workplace. Organizations need to carry out comprehensive and efficient training methods to do away with and prevent sexual harassment. Organizations that invest in training to prevent sexual harassment demonstrate concern by providing a secure working setting for their employees (Snyder, Scherer, & Fisher, 2012). Managers can prevent sexual provocation in the place of work in the following ways:

It is propelling sexual harassment training and retraining for all workers, particularly all supervisors and managers, on at least a yearly basis. All people in the business should understand what sexual harassment is and what to do if it occurs.

Managers should create as well as communicate an anti-harassment course of action, as well as anti-retaliation workings. It can acquire legitimate advice on this rule to ensure it is thorough and conforms to all national, state, and native laws.

Employers should ensure staff are familiar with their preferences if they find themselves in such a circumstance. Workers ought to discern that they can demand the behaviour end.

Companies must clearly define consequences for sexual harassment conduct and reliably put them into action when harassing activities are discovered.

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Consequences of Sexual Harassment on Workplace Relationships

Consequences of Sexual Harassment on Workplace Relationships

How does Sexual harassment affect wworkplace’s’relationships

  • Impact on victims
  •  Impact on coworkers
  •  Impact on the workplace

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