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Conflict Styles-is collaboration

Conflict Styles-is collaboration

The most common conflict style for me is collaboration. Accordingly, this conflict style seeks a win-win result for the parties involved. I believe that whenever possible, the best way to solve a conflict is by ensuring everyone involved is satisfied. Collaboration takes away competition between the parties and creates an opportunity for them to work together to achieve their goals. In addition, I believe that solving one conflict by collaboration helps build interpersonal or impersonal relationships in a way that future conflicts will be easier to handle.

The second conflict style I like to use is compromise. The compromise conflict style gives the parties involved at least some of what they want but also has to sacrifice a part of what they want. It is both a win-win and a lose-lose situation at the same time. Instead of one party losing everything while the other gets it all, a better solution is when they both share the win and the loss at the same time. This is especially important to me when it comes to interpersonal relationships because it is about accepting that we are all different from each other and, therefore, are bound to have different opinions, values, and perspectives, among other things. By accepting this, both parties can find a middle ground where they solve the conflict.

The conflict style that I use the least is avoidance. This style involves choosing not to solve a conflict, which can be done physically by staying away from the other party or not talking about it. I believe the avoidance style leads to a lot of build-up resentment due to unresolved issues. Conflict means that needs are not being met, and when the conflict is not solved, those needs will continue not being met, thus destroying the relationship between the parties in conflict. As such, I use the avoidance conflict style the least.


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What are the conflict styles that you use the most? Why? Use least? Why?

Conflict Styles-is collaboration

Conflict Styles-is collaboration

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