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Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

Conflict forms a big part of any organization and could enhance or reduce group dynamics and communication in the workplace. Handling conflicts efficiently and effectively in healthcare could reduce work stress, improve morale, and improve patient safety and quality care. According to Wagner (2018), there are five strategies for dealing with conflicts: accommodating, avoiding, competing, collaborating, and compromising.

Collaborating is the best conflict strategy to use in the conflict between my ex and me. Collaborating is a cooperative and assertive form of conflict management where individuals strive to work with the other person to find a solution that fully satisfies each party’s concern (Briggs, n.d). Collaborating entails digging into the issue to find out the underlying concerns of both parties and find an alternative that would meet both concerns.

I will seek the help of a third party, in this case, a nurse manager, to help us deal with our conflicts. A nurse manager must approach conflicts at the workplace thoughtfully since conflicts tend to affect working relations and the proper functioning of a unit (Johansen, 2012). By approaching a nurse manager to mediate our concerns, I believe that we can find a way of working together by choosing to collaborate or avoid each other. Since I am reluctant to leave my job and believe that avoidant conflict management only escalates a problem, it would be vital for me to find a way to collaborate with my ex and find a middle ground. Communicating our concerns and the primary cause of conflict will allow us to find an amicable solution with set rules of engagement that will define our relationship at work.


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After going through a bitter divorce and relocating four years ago, your life is good. You have a position in the Emergency Department (ED) and have developed strong relationships with colleagues outside the workplace. Recently, your ex was hired in the ED, and over time, the interactions have become increasingly hostile in the form of condescending remarks and snide comments. When you attempt to confront your ex about this behavior, you are told, “Get over yourself.” The situation is becoming increasingly challenging to work around, but you love your job and colleagues and do not want to leave.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

In the Initial Posting:

Share your thoughts (Rubric Category–Preparedness)

What might be the best course of action?

Discuss the following: (Rubric Category – Contributions)

What conflict strategies might you use to resolve this dilemma?
Would you consider using a mediator (i.e., human resources, nurse manager) to help?

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