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Conceptions of Spirituality in Nursing

Conceptions of Spirituality in Nursing

My view of spirituality goes beyond the boundaries of an individual’s organized religious beliefs to their cultural practices, how they relate with others, personal practices, and beliefs besides their religion. My conception of spirituality significantly influences how I offer patient care services as it defines the patient-nurse relationship. People under nursing care long for physical, emotional, and spiritual support (Huagan et al., 2020). Subsequently, patients desire to have a safe zone where they feel they are given the proper attention to talk about their pain, fears, hopes, and dreams regarding their current health situation. Spirituality is critical in determining how patients cope with their current health condition. As such, most patients link their ability to cope with pain, health-related stress, and better health outcomes during a period of illness to their spiritual beliefs (Grand Canyon University, 2020). Therefore, understanding the patient’s spirituality can promote the nurse-patient relationship to a personal level. Such intimate relationships can improve patient-nurse communication with benefits for the patient and the nurse.

As a nurse, I can better understand my patient’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs and design the best compassionate care to promote recovery. The patient gets to understand their health condition better, what is needed to speed healing, and be open to the interventions and treatments provided. My conception of the patient’s spirituality can also help me understand their various spiritual convictions that may influence their decisions on specific therapies and interventions. Consequently, having a better understanding of spirituality, in general, can help physicians offer both curative and compassionate care. Therefore, nurses must balance their medical care services and spiritual knowledge to serve the patient better.

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Conceptions of Spirituality in Nursing

Conceptions of Spirituality in Nursing

What would spirituality be according to your worldview? How do you believe that your conception of spirituality would influence how you care for patients?

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