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Computer Forensics- Motivation for Hacking Behavior

Computer Forensics- Motivation for Hacking Behavior

Unlike crackers who intrude on a system with bad intentions, hackers are double-edged and may have good or bad reasons. Most of the hackers work in groups and invariably relate to machines rather than fellow humans. Statistics by gender indicate that most of them are males comprising 72.8%, females making up 9.6% while 17.6% is unknown. It is also approximated that males earn higher income ($85,555) than females (80,85). However, it is relatively hard to identify one’s identity, primarily when anonymously operating behind the screen.

According to Madarie (2017), most hackers are motivated by achievement to perpetuate their behaviors. Successful hacking brings about a sense of personal competence and makes them more ambitious. At the same time, a significant number of individuals are after cash, especially ill-inspired persons. They strategically steal others’ bank details and passwords to access personal accounts. Some rely on ransoms after selling customers’ data on the dark web. Nevertheless, the urge for power and superiority drives most hackers into malpractice. They look forward to controlling human and non-human resources and consequently as a means of gaining social prestige.

As already stated, hackers are not “solitary individuals”; therefore, they create and participate in challenges to invade unbreakable systems. In other circumstances, they indulge in hacktivism whereby they deliberately embarrass IT experts and humiliate upper leadership. Besides, some invaders are fueled by revenge and eventually use their expertise and anger without fear of repercussions. Finally, doing something repeatedly turns it into a culture, and thus hackers find it hard to drop their hacking behaviors (Madarie, 2017).


Madarie, R. (2017). Hackers’ Motivations: Testing Schwartz’s Theory of Motivational Types of Values in a Sample of Hackers. International Journal of Cyber Criminology11(1).


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Examine some of the reasons that individuals are motivated to engage in hacking behavior, including attention to the variable of gender.

Computer Forensics- Motivation for Hacking Behavior

Computer Forensics- Motivation for Hacking Behavior

What does the research tell us about this behavior?

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