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Complex Project Management

Complex Project Management

Project Description

The most complex project I have ever been involved in was the construction of software that would be used in performance evaluation in our organization. The project manager created a work breakdown structure that indicated the estimated time frame for every phase. One of the phases was the initiation phase, which included selecting the project team based on their expertise in software development. The second phase was planning, which included gathering all the resources needed to complete the project. The third phase was execution. This was the most complex phase because it included developing and testing the software to ensure it worked as expected.

The main tasks in the project were researching to determine the best software components based on the organization’s expectations, designing the software, testing the software to ensure that it worked as expected, and managing the software programs linked to the software’s application in performance evaluation. The main subtasks were onboarding technical experts to test the software, assist in enhancing its security, and gather feedback from the individuals selected to test it. The work package included grouping the initiation and planning phase and software development and testing in another package. We also used a critical path to schedule the project activities effectively. According to Ellis (2016), a critical path indicates the minimum time required to complete a project. I was on the critical path because my primary role was in software development and testing.

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The Project Manager’s Role in Managing the Project’s Success or Failure

The project manager played a significant role in managing the project’s success. According to Gasemagha & Kowang (2021), a project manager can define a project’s success based on how they handle planning, execution, monitoring, and control of project activities. Our project manager managed the project’s success by ensuring we got all the resources on time. He also selected a team of experts with the knowledge and capabilities required to develop a performance evaluation software that could meet stakeholders’ expectations. The project manager also made any necessary changes needed to enhance project success. For example, he replaced one team member because he could not meet the deadlines.


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Consider the most complex project you’ve ever been involved in. Briefly describe the project, giving examples of the following as they pertain to the project:

Complex Project Management

Complex Project Management

The work breakdown structure
Work package
Were you on the critical path?

Additionally, explain the role the project manager played in managing the project’s success or failure. Include an example.

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