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Community Justice

Community Justice

Community justice refers to full community participation to prevent crime and justify activities to enhance community life quality. Community justice thus pays attention to areas such as social, political, and cultural surroundings that may negatively affect the lifestyle of the community. It is, therefore, most effective in areas with high crime rates. Accordingly, community practitioners not only identify these areas but also rehabilitate the criminals, repair damage caused, and prevent crime by involving citizens (“Home | Neighbourhood Justice Centre”, 2022).

Problem-oriented policing (POP) is the identification and diagnosis of crimes that are increasing rapidly within specific areas. Problem-oriented policing challenges agencies such as the police to arrest and take action against offenders and prevent crimes from occurring by requiring crime occurrence information from residents around the area and giving out contact numbers or websites where they can easily be reached in case of a crime. This policing also involves scanning the situation, analyzing, responding, and assessing it (“ASU Center for Problem-Oriented Policing”, 2022).

Lastly, community policing requires shared participation by both the police and citizens in developing relationships with community members. Community policing focuses on neighborhood crimes, and it is proactive, preventive, information-based, and trustworthy (Swanson, Territo & Taylor, n.d.). Examples can be resolving conflicts and forming community policing victim support centers.

In conclusion, community justice, problem-oriented policing, and community policing are all related since they are all focused on identifying the source of the problem and solving it before involving the law. They also have a common feature: viewing the offender not only as the offender but also as the victim and finding solutions such as rehabilitation to help them not commit a crime. Therefore, the three of them work best together, especially because the community is involved.


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Community Justice

Community Justice

Examine the relationship between community justice, problem-oriented policing, and community policing.

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