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Communications and Media- Final Project Check-in

Communications and Media-Final Project Check-in

I have made significant progress toward completing the project based on the guidelines provided in the assignment rubric. I have completed the introduction section by giving an overview of what the project entails, its significance, and significant issues that will be addressed. I have also identified the research questions that will be answered to address the issues identified in the introduction section. I came up with three research questions that cover different concepts related to the research topic and identified the theory that will be applied in the research. I have also provided an overview of the theoretical framework and the resources I will use to gather information on the theory.

Furthermore, I identified the research method that I will use to address the research questions and the questions that will guide me on the information to consider in data collection and analysis. I plan on expanding the introduction section by providing a background of my research topic. The background will include a review of the history of LinkedIn and current trends in its use. I will also give an overview of the factors contributing to the increase of LinkedIn users. I also intend to expand the theoretical framework section by selecting different theories relating to the research questions in the paper and discussing the theories and their relevance to my research. I am currently working on reviewing past studies on my research topic. However, I am not sure whether the years of publication will be used to determine the relevance of the sources. I am therefore seeking clarification on the years of publication that should be considered. For instance, can I use an article published more than ten years ago?


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Communications and Media- Final Project Check-in

Communications and Media- Final Project Check-in

For this check-in: Write in Times New Roman 12 pt. font, a 100-200 word report that 1) Reports on progress and 2) Addresses any concerns that may have.

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