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Communication Distribution in an Organization

Communication Distribution in an Organization

As many of you may already be aware, our office building sustained damage from the tornado that hit our town over the weekend. Due to this incident, our office will remain closed until further notice. The latest update that I received estimated that it may take up to four weeks to repair all the damages. We want to assure each of you that this closure will not impact our productivity or anyone’s employment. We will immediately implement the remote work policy until our office is repaired. We need each of you to review the attached company’s remote work policy and ensure that you are following the guidance that is set forth within it. We understand that there will be some time needed to fully adjust to this new work schedule, but we are here to assist in making sure that everything runs smoothly. This is not the ideal situation for our company, but we will make it through this difficult time as a team. The company leadership stands ready to be available to anyone that has questions or concerns with the remote work policy. Thank you for your time and understanding in this matter.

Very Respectfully, Jacob Olson

Public Information Officer

One example of a company that experienced unexpected closure and didn’t do a very good job of alerting its employees was The Heritage Company. They were a telemarketing company based out of Arkansas. They experienced a ransomware attack in October 2019, and they failed to recover full service to their company. This incident caused them to unexpectedly shut down the company and lay off over 300 employees just a few days before Christmas. The CEO communicated this closure to the employees via a letter, in which he told them that they should start looking to find new jobs. Many of the employees had no idea that the company had even experienced a ransomware attack, which caught them off guard with the unexpected layoffs. The communication process used in this example is certainly not a good one and not the proper way to alert your employees about an unexpected closure.


 Cimpanu, C. (2020, January 3). Company shuts down because of ransomware, leaving 300 without jobs just before holidays. ZDNet.


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You are the Public Information Officer for a small company and are responsible for communication distribution for your organization. Answer the question below.

Communication Distribution in an Organization

Communication Distribution in an Organization

If you were to send an immediate correspondence to all employees, what method would you use? The memo, email, voice mail, video message, Twitter, what is your specific modality of correspondence?

Here is the situation:

An incident has happened within the local community that has affected the safety of the employees coming back into the office the following day. You are to draft a message based on your method of communication.

In this short message, including what method of correspondence, explain the following:

1.    What happened (be creative)? Use the following reason as the basis for your message:

A man-made incident

2.    In the message, communicate the office closure without creating panic for the employees. Here is where your mode of communication is defined.
3.    Explain the immediate transition to begin working remotely, including follow-up employee instructions and activation of the remote work policy.
4.    Conduct research and provide an example of a company that experienced unexpected closure & the communication process used to alert their employees and stakeholders.

*** Please do not use the recent pandemic

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