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Communicating to Build Relationships at Walmart

Communicating to Build Relationships at Walmart

Communicating Effectively with Peers

Committing to Build Relationships

The first step to ensuring successful peer-to-peer workplace communication is committing to building personal relationships. Building relationships requires all parties to be respectful in how they address one another (Doyle, 2017). Also, there is a need to take personal responsibility when communicating with one another. Accordingly, that means one must be ready to change their communication style and behaviour to suit the preferences of the coworkers around them.

Understand one’s Communication Style.

In addition, communicating with other peers calls for self-awareness. All employees should endeavour to understand their communication styles to avoid conflicts resulting from communication differences (Doyle, 2017). If, for instance, one is more of a direct communicator, one should be careful when conversing with sensitive individuals.

Accommodate Diverse Viewpoints

Welcoming diverse viewpoints is essential, especially when communicating with peers from diverse cultural backgrounds. For that reason, one ought to be open-minded and listen to colleagues’ views before offering their opinions (Doyle, 2017). By giving everyone the chance to express their viewpoints, coworkers feel understood and respected. Also, the habit will go a long way to expand an organization’s knowledge base.

Communicating with a Supervisor

Schedule the Conversation

It is always advisable to consider a supervisor’s busy schedule when approaching them for a conversation (Veshne, 2017). It is also good not to pressure supervisors for an immediate answer to any inquiries made. If the supervisor prefers face-to-face meetings, it is appropriate to prepare ahead of time to avoid last-minute confusion. Essentially, a supervisor has a busy schedule; therefore, it is incumbent upon employees to ensure they are aware of that fact when planning conversations.

Be Straightforward and Concise

Another crucial tip when communicating with supervisors is to be straightforward and concise. As mentioned above, supervisors in a big store like Walmart are quite busy. When approaching a supervisor, employees must come prepared with the issues they would like to raise (Veshne, 2017). It is also prudent to offer potential solutions while raising issues. Straightforwardness comes in handy since supervisors preside over many workers, meaning their cups is mostly full.

Be an Active Listener

Lastly, when approaching a supervisor, employees should not be worried about how they raise their concerns. Instead, they should practice active listening so that they can capture their supervisor’s needs and corrective actions to be implemented. Also, taking notes will ensure employees do not miss their supervisors’ input.

Communicating with Upper Management

Use Metrics

A crucial point to note when communicating with leaders in the top management is to communicate like them. Consistently, this includes using relevant metrics that affect organizational performance (Ogundipe et al., 2022). For instance, when talking about other employees, it is appropriate to talk about their accomplishments. Also, when pitching an idea, it is appropriate to use such terms as efficiency and productivity. Using such terms will convince the senior manager that an employee has a grasp of the organization’s affairs.

Be Direct

Another important consideration to make when communicating with senior managers is to go directly to the point. A follower should communicate in brief but clear sentences (Ogundipe et al., 2022). If one is explaining the challenges facing the organization to the senior management, one should succinctly express their points and include potential solutions. By being truthful about ongoing projects, there is a likelihood of positive outcomes.


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Career success depends on your ability to communicate effectively to build strong relationships within Walmart. This includes the relationships you build with co-workers, supervisors, and upper management. These relationships comprise a network of people who benefit from the two-way exchange of information, support, and guidance regarding career opportunities that allow everyone in the network to develop and advance.


Review your work on previous assignments and conduct additional research on developing communication plans to build good relationships with co-workers, supervisors, and upper management

Based on course content and your additional research, complete each of the following instructions:

Outline a brief plan (no more than 1 page) to communicate more effectively with your peers, and provide a brief summary of your rationale

Outline a brief plan (no more than 1 page) to communicate more effectively with your immediate supervisor, and provide a brief summary of your rationale.

Outline a brief plan (no more than 1 page) to communicate more effectively with upper management in your store/business or the larger Walmart organization, and provide a summary of your rationale.

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