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Communicating in Diverse Contexts

Communicating in Diverse Contexts

Communication Strategies That Might Help My Communication in a Diverse Context

According to Hamilton & Creel (2023), communication is influenced by gender and culture. Therefore, it is vital to understand strategies that can be employed to facilitate effective communication in a diverse context. One of the strategies that might be employed is using multiple communication channels. People from different cultures and genders have varying perceptions about communication channels such as online communication and face-to-face communication. Using multiple communication channels creates an opportunity to meet the communication needs of individuals from different backgrounds, thus promoting effective communication. Multiple communication channels also enhance information clarity (Constantinescu-Dobra & Coțiu, 2022). The second strategy is requesting and providing feedback. Requesting feedback enables a person to identify factors that could hinder effective communication in a diverse context, thus promoting effective communication. It is also important to provide feedback to help the audience understand how they can help improve communication effectiveness. For instance, feedback on a communication channel’s effectiveness can help select the most effective channel and prevent miscommunication.

Applying One of the Above Selected Communication Strategies in a Communication Breakdown

One of the instances where I experienced a communication breakdown was when I volunteered to distribute masks and sanitizers to older adults in the community. There was a miscommunication about the attributes of the people eligible for the donations because every volunteer had their perception of an older person. Some volunteers argued that older adults were people between 70 years and above, while others argued that it was individuals between 60 years and above. The perception differences caused delays because we had to wait for clarification from the program organizers. Although the situation was handled effectively, I would approach it differently if it occurred again by requesting and providing feedback from the audience. For instance, I would request feedback on the audience’s perception of older people to clarify the age group we would consider and other attributes that would be considered for eligibility, such as living conditions and residence.


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Communicating in Diverse Contexts

Communicating in Diverse Contexts

You can experience communication differences with those in all cultural contexts. These differences should not be seen as a barrier but as an opportunity.

For this discussion, please respond to the following:

What two communication strategies might you employ that can help your communication in a diverse context?
Think about a personal or professional situation where there was a communication breakdown. How would you approach this situation differently by applying one of the communication strategies you selected above?

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