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Clinical and Statistical Significance

Clinical and Statistical Significance

EBP projects are carried out with the aim of getting both clinically and statistically significant results. However, some of the projects give statistically significant results, some clinically significant results while others both. Clinical significance means that the results of the project have a positive impact on patients or clients (Harris et al., 2017). When the findings or outcomes are applied, an impact is felt. For example, an EBP project is considered clinically significant when the project helps solve patients’ needs. Statistical significance means that the results of the project are likely not to be caused by chance (Harris et al., 2017). The results of the project cannot lead to positive outcomes directly but can be used to predict future outcomes.

In statistical significance, there are high chances that the relationship occurring between variables is caused by something else and not by chance (Harris et al., 2017). An example of a statistically significant result is conducting research on the effectiveness of a treatment modality such as behavioral therapy. The treatment, in this case, can be considered significant when the results of the project have a 5% and below percentage as chance. In this case, regarding the treatment modality, clinical significance occurs when it is established that the treatment modality was able to accomplish its objective of treating the patients or not. Both clinical and statistical significance can be used to determine the effectiveness of treatment modalities (Harris et al., 2017). Ideally, clinical significance focuses on the impact of the treatment of the patient, while statistical significance determines the reliability of the projects of research’s results (Amrhein, Greenland & McShane, 2019). Determining the reliability of the results and the impact of the results are essential. Combining both clinical and statistical significance in healthcare leads to best strategies in dealing with specific healthcare issues.


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Clinical Significance and Statistical Significance

Clinical and Statistical Significance

Not all EBP projects result in statistically significant results. Define clinical significance, and explain the difference between clinical and statistical significance. How can you use clinical significance to support positive outcomes in your project?

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