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Choosing My National Nurse Practitioner Certification Exam

Choosing My National Nurse Practitioner Certification Exam

National Certification Exam I Plan to Take and Why

For numerous reasons, I intend to take the AANP (American Association of Nurse Practitioners) national certification exam. The AANP certification corresponds with my career aspirations and California’s unique criteria. In California, the AANP qualification is generally recognized and respected, which is vital for nurse practitioners (Acharya, 2023). Regarding exam costs, the AANP has a competitive fee structure, especially for its members. Becoming an AANP member gives one access to excellent tools and assistance and saves one money on the exam fee. In terms of proctoring possibilities, the AANP offers test-takers a variety of options (Al-Agba & Bernard, 2020). They provide both in-person and remote proctoring options, which is critical given the shifting scenario with COVID-19. With these options, I may select the way that best meets my preferences and circumstances.

The AANP exam corresponds to the clinical practice I intend to follow. The content covers a wide range of nurse practitioner-relevant topics, ensuring that I have a well-rounded knowledge base to deliver comprehensive care to my patients. This congruence with my professional aspirations and practice emphasis is a major influence on my decision. Given all of these considerations, I intend to take the AANP national certification exam in 6-8 weeks. This timeframe allows me to thoroughly study for the exam while also meeting any application or scheduling deadlines. It achieves a compromise between allowing me enough time for thorough evaluation and not causing unnecessary delays in my certification process. Finally, taking the AANP exam corresponds with my professional goals, provides cost-effective solutions, and gives flexibility in proctoring and exam content, making it the best option for my circumstances as a nurse practitioner in California.


Acharya, B. (2023). The Role and Scope of Practice of Nurse Practitioners in the Care of Adults with Chronic Respiratory Diseases in Primary Health Care: A Scoping Review.

Al-Agba, N., & Bernard, R. (2020). Patients at Risk: The Rise of the Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant in Healthcare. Universal-Publishers.


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In 200-250 words, please discuss which national certification exam (ANCC vs AANP) you plan to take and why.
Please consider costs, including member discounts, proctoring options, locations, and exam content.

Choosing My National Nurse Practitioner Certification Exam

Choosing My National Nurse Practitioner Certification Exam

Discuss factors that influenced your decision.
Discuss your ideal time to take the exam. 6-8 weeks

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