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Children’s Health in the News

Children’s Health in the News

Flu vaccines can be lifesaving for children, study shows.

The article highlights the need to vaccinate children against the flu. As reiterated in the report, I am aware that flu can be a deadly illness for children. Children below the age of five years are at a significantly elevated risk of suffering from flu. The vaccine is ideal when administered prior to the flu season. The article portrays the information objectively. It cites recent statistics that are related to flu illnesses among children. The article also includes information from renowned health agencies such as the U.S. Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP). In addition, the report is a publication of the Centers for Disease Control, which is a trusted health agency in the county. The article is important to readers due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, which requires health agencies to provide updated information that improves the safety of all individuals.

Moreover, flu is an illness that easily and rapidly spreads among children during its season. For these reasons, this article roused my interest in the topic. Unfortunately, the article does not highlight additional factors that affect the prevalence of flu among children. Instead, it emphasizes prevention (Olson).

COVID Hospitalizations Rising in Kids Too Young for Vaccine

Serena McNiff discusses the alarmingly increasing rates of Omicron infection among children aged below five years. The article highlights varied factors that could explain the current surge of Omicron among the population. I am aware of the information that is provided in the article as the Omicron variant continues to spread rapidly. The article provides credible and objective information that is obtained from the CDC and hospitals to get actual data on the issues. The topic is featured in the news because of the need to provide recent and credible information regarding the new variant and its different effects on children. The rapid spread and development of the Omicron variant creates curiosity to learn more about the current factors in play. As the article discusses, most of the children who are reported to suffer from the new COVID-19 variant, Omicron, are not seriously ill or are admitted due to other conditions. Very few of these children are admitted with Covid-19. This explains the high numbers that are reported for the population. The audience is advised to surround the children with people who are vaccinated against the viral infection (McNiff). Our homework help will you tons of energy and time required for your homework papers.

A new approach can help identify young children most at risk for obesity.

The article highlights the likelihood of being able to identify children who are likely to become obese. The report was developed following research from Penn State. The study highlights information that I am not aware of but would like to learn more about. The information is portrayed objectively, which inspires confidence among the audience. The issue is relevant to the audience because it provides groundbreaking information regarding a highly prevalent condition in the USA (Penn State). In addition, the likelihood that the findings could lead to better and more effective interventions that could enable the medical fraternity to reduce the rate of obesity. Such information could also create a path for new research that refines the information and provides additional elements that could have been left out. Therefore, it is a critical piece of information that is beneficial to children, parents, and medical personnel.


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Children’s Health in the News

Children’s Health in the News

How prevalent is children’s health in the news? Look in the newspaper, watch the news, or look on the Internet for articles or segments related to health issues. Find three articles that are related to children’s health. The articles must be current events. Read the article (if it is a news segment, write a summary of the segment) and write a reaction to it. Are you familiar with the topic? Do you believe that the information was objectively portrayed? Why is the topic in the news? Does the article/news segment make you more interested in the topic? What are some other factors that affect the issue discussed?
You will submit a copy of the article and your reaction for EACH of the three required articles. Remember to reference your work!

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