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Child Observation

Child Observation

The child I observed is six years old. I chose her because she was easily accessible; thus, I had maximum observation time. Cognitively, the child seemed well-developed for her age. One of the most intriguing things that stood out about the child is her curiosity and capacity to ask all sorts of questions. She comprehends numerous words and is curious to learn the meaning of different terms daily. For instance, if she converses with the mother and the mom mentions a word she does not comprehend, she instantly asks the term’s meaning. As such, her vocabulary development appeared to be fast, and the brain was, in most cases, thinking quicker than she could talk. She could spell words appropriately and write her names and those of other family members.

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Additionally, she could read sentences even though she struggled in this area.

Moreover, she is perfect at addition and subtraction math. When the mother gave her some addition and subtraction sums to do, she got nearly all of them right. The ones she got wrong had some big numbers, and after being guided on how to do them, she understood and got them right. The child could also tell stories from her preferred TV shows. When describing her stories, she could invent more details about the story; thus, the narration never seemed to end.

Physically, the child tends to be highly active. Notably, in most cases, she moves and explores novel physical abilities. Her regulation and coordination of physical movement seemed great. She can throw and catch a ball when playing with her friends. However, her throws are more effective than the catches. In addition, she can skip a rope well. She could jump up to twenty hops in a rope skip competition during play. Essentially, rope jumping tends to be her favourite game.

Additionally, she rides a two-wheeled bike with ease. She appears physically strong and can also run fast. She came first in a game in which the children were competing in running.

Socially, the child has friends at home and socializes with them easily. Social abilities constitute qualities essential for social capability (Pekdogan 307). She loves sharing her things with her friends, especially the edibles. Usually, she asks her parents’ permission to share with her friends. I heard her say that sharing is caring when asking for permission. She loves engaging her friends in the father-mother role-play game. However, she says that she does not have many friends in school. When asked about her best friend in school, she says that they just had argued the previous day. As such, she said that she prefers playing with children from other grades. She seemed to be terrified by the fact that she might not have friends in the class. She also noted that some kids in the class are mean and do not want to share their things with her, but they expect her to share them. However, generally, she seemed to know how to create friendships; she is just not pleased with some kids in her class. Accordingly, the child seemed to be developing socially, cognitively and physically well. However, if her current issues with her classmates in school are not resolved, she might have problems making and keeping friends later in life or becoming very selective with whom she becomes friends.

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Child Observation

Child Observation

You will observe one student during the entire term. You will evaluate the child’s cognitive, social, and physical development in each observation. You will also need to include some personal observations of the child in each observation. Each child observation must be at least two pages, not having your header information.

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