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Challenges Facing Women Leaders in My Organization

Challenges Facing Women Leaders in My Organization

Women are increasing their position in the workplace and the economy in general. According to Rosin (2010), women are steadily dominating the labor market, with data showing that more women are graduating with degrees and PhDs. This is a clear indication that there are more women in leadership positions. In my workplace, however, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas Medical Insurance, women leaders face several challenges, the primary one being balancing leadership demands and their domestic demands. This is a challenge that Haile, Emmanuel, and Dzathor (2016) have also identified as a primary hindrance to women’s success and a problem working women must confront (p. 36). The other challenge is a work environment or schedule that does not consider women’s demands. For instance, many workplaces lack daycare centers for mothers with younger children (Wattenberg, 2004). This is lacking in my workplace and shows that young women who are leaders are likely to be disadvantaged when they have younger children.

Working women must adjust to overcome the severe challenges they face as corporate leaders. AlEssa and Durugbo (2022), who have identified the unique challenges women face in the workplace, have stated that women are forced to adjust (p. 826). For instance, in my workplace, they may have to spend more to get babysitters to care for their children. Women who are already leaders use their leadership positions to create a working environment that is friendly to women. Oosthuizen (2023) has pointed out that women who confront intense competition from a male-dominated industry work extra hard and improve their skills (p. 363). Such trends are also improving leadership, as Appelbaum, D’Antico, and Daoussis (2019) have identified that women are increasing value in leadership (p. 28). Hence, the presence of women in leadership benefits not only women.

In summation, based on the research done and the observations made at my company, it is evident that women face numerous challenges as leaders. However, the prominent challenges are three. The first is balancing work and domestic demands like parenting and house chores. The second issue is the demands of the children, especially if the woman leader has a newborn. The third challenge is the stiff or unfair competition from a patriarchal environment that hinders them from promotions. Women tackle these challenges through education, spending money to employ babysitters, and sometimes making workplace adjustments.

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Prompt: What do you find are the top challenges facing women in leadership in your organization? How do female leaders overcome these challenges?

Challenges Facing Women Leaders in My Organization

Challenges Facing Women Leaders in My Organization

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