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Categories of People in a Hospital

Categories of People in a Hospital

In every hospital, there are different categories of people who ensure that the activities run smoothly. They ensure that patients who visit the hospital are well taken care of and protected from any form of harm. Doctors are the frontline people in a hospital. The first contact of a patient’s healthcare is with the doctor. When a person is going to the hospital, they claim to be going to see a doctor. They have a role in diagnosing and treating patients of different diseases or health conditions. They also make referrals in case a patient needs to see a specialist for special attention and medical opinion

Nurses are vital in patients’ care. A hospital cannot run without them. They spend most of their time with the patients. There are different roles in a hospital. They have the role of monitoring and observing the patient around the clock. Nurses care for patients, communicate with doctors, check patients’ vital signs, and administer drugs. Coordination of different specialists to ensure the full recovery of patients is made by nurses. They also take the health histories of patients in detail and listen to their emotional and physical needs. Nurses are educated, intelligent, skilled, and adaptive to do their work effectively.

Janitorial staff is one of the most important categories of people in a hospital. They are termed as the hospital custodians. Their primary role is infection control. They protect the patients from getting sicker and the medical staff from getting infections. A hospital janitor performs sanitation and hospital maintenance. They ensure public places like bathrooms, patient rooms, and hallways are clean. They also report technical or mechanical issues in the hospital to the facility crew. In some hospitals, they engage in grounds-keeping tasks like watering gardens and mowing lawns.


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In an organized and well-supported one-paragraph mini-essay, respond to the prompt below:

Categories of People in a Hospital

Categories of People in a Hospital

Divide and classify a group of people into three categories. For example, students, co-workers, soldiers, men, women, etc.
The first person “I” is not to be used in this mini-essay.

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