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Cases of Children Abuse

Cases of Children Abuse

Both federal and state laws well-interpret child abuse and neglect. According to the Federal Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA), child abuse and neglect is any

recent action or inaction by a parent or guardian that leads to the death of a child, severe, physical or emotional harm, sexual abuse or exploitation, or that creates a serious risk of harm that is imminent. A child is an individual under eighteen years or a minor who is not emancipated (Digital Communications Division (DCD), 2014). Child abuse and neglect can be medically or legally defined. Medically/psychologically, it has been defined by organizations such as WHO. On the other hand, legal definitions, which are generally broad, affect the child protection agencies’ policies and practices, the training, and the practitioners’ attitudes. Additionally, they also set out acceptable behavioral standards for the community. This paper will explain where to report child abuse or neglect, what information to have available when calling the state’s hotline, and how to document the case.

Firstly, the agency one should report any cases of child abuse or neglect is the Children’s Bureau, which is an Office of the Administration for Children & Families in the U.S. It ensures that the affected children receive adequate treatment and care. It also provides funds to states and tribes for assessing child abuse and neglect, investigations, prosecutions, and required treatments. Consistently, when making a report to the state child abuse hotline, one should have specific details ready: one’s name, the name and sex of the victim child, their date of birth or approximate age, the location, the place of incidence, and also the relationship of the victim with the suspected abuser if known. Lastly, documentation of the case details is essential; therefore, the best methods should be adopted to keep the information safe and private. These methods include recording any important details and taking photographs of victim injuries as evidence.


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Review your state’s [New York City] laws regarding child abuse and/or neglect reporting.
What is the name of the agency that you are required to report any cases of child abuse or neglect?

Cases of Children Abuse

Cases of Children Abuse

What information should you have ready when making the report to your state’s child abuse hotline?
What is the best method to keep documentation regarding the details of the case?

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