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Case Study Design and Analysis

Case Study Design and Analysis

Case Study Background

Angela Kennedy is a 17-year-old Caucasian in high school. She is the only child and comes from a violent home, as her parents argue a lot. Physical violence occurs from both sides. Her parents are staunch Christians and middle-income earners. Also, Angela is dating a 19-year-old college boy.

The Case Story

Angela claims to have always felt alone and confused. She claims to have no sense of identity and that nobody likes her. She does not believe in God like her parents and often gets beaten up when she says these things. She found refuge in her boyfriend, who introduced her to a certain group that involved blood rituals. She claims to have found love and acceptance. Nonetheless, breaking the rules of the cult results in dire consequences. Angela has witnessed this violence and felt afraid. She wants to quit the group but is afraid of loneliness. She also started using hard-core drugs like meth. Her parents took her to a rehabilitative center, claiming that she is evil-possessed.

Analysis of the Case

Individuals from abusive families are highly vulnerable to being recruited into cultic groups (Belitz & Schacht, 2017). Such youths tend to have feelings of anger, self-blame, low self-esteem, depression, isolation, and powerlessness due to the abuse; therefore, a cultic group offers them a means to express these emotions freely while providing the love that they lack at home (Belitz & Schacht, 2017). In this case, Angela was easily recruited into the cult as she was promised love and acceptance.

Additionally, scholars claim that drug abuse can be linked to certain cults and deviant behaviors such as thuggery, alcohol abuse, truancy, personality disorder, vandalism, and high-risk sexual behavior (Jacobs, Maduawuchi & Jonjon, 2021). In this scenario, Angela conforms to the group’s expectations by participating in blood rituals and taking drugs (Myers & Twenge, 2015). Angela obeys the cult’s laws, but a sense of insecurity develops as she witnesses violence in the group. Angela seems to have fallen into depression, and her use of drugs only worsens her condition.


It will be important for Angela to be linked to a support group that can offer the love and acceptance she seeks without the self-destructive behaviors that are common in the cult. She also needs counseling to help her manage depression and help her quit the drugs that she has been using. Family therapy will also be necessary to help provide Angela with the love that she seeks from her parents and enable them to understand and support her. This therapy should also address the violence at home and how it negatively impacts Angela.


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Case Study Design and Analysis
For this assignment, you will identify the main concepts and terms learned in this week’s online lectures and textbook readings and create a fictional case study (may not be related to actual individuals).

Case Study Design and Analysis

Case Study Design and Analysis

You will use the following guidelines while writing your case study:

Background: You need to describe the demographics of individuals involved in the case study, such as their age, gender, occupation, education, relationships, and family history.
The case story: You need to describe a scenario using the third person in which individuals have joined a nonreligious cult or group prescribing self-destructive behaviors.
Analysis of the case: You need to utilize the information learned from the online lectures and text readings to analyze the case study. Be specific in your analysis using supporting evidence from outside sources when needed.
Recommendations: You need to end the case study with your recommendations or suggestions you would have implemented in such a situation to assist in changing the behavior of the individuals involved in the case study.

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