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Case Study Analysis-Suicide Among the Youth

Case Study Analysis-Suicide Among the Youth

Suicide among the youth is on the rise, and this becomes a concern because these people are younger and the generation expected to take over from the older generations. Moreover, the youth are at an age where they are learning and preparing to take up different professions to contribute to nation-building. As such, suicide cases are not suitable for their learning. Additionally, increased cases of suicide among people of this age are an indication of other underlying severe factors. This study will examine the cases of suicide and suicide ideation among the youth. The intention is to find the causes of suicide among this group so that with enough knowledge, they can be helped.


First source

This article by King et al. (2020) believes that mental health services should be increased among youth with suicidal ideation, those who have attempted suicide, and even those with chronic mental illnesses that are likely to lead to suicide and suicide ideation. It is important to note that this research by King et al. (2020) was motivated by the fact that young people with suicide ideation often have a history of self-harm and sometimes even suicide attempts. Therefore, this paper is trying to reveal that suicide cases among the youth are underpinned by severe records that must be known for proper interventions. These youth also show that they are likely to repeat suicide attempts and engage in tendencies like alcohol abuse,  patterns of aggression, drug abuse, and other primary risk factors. This paper also adds that the more the youth increases in aggressive tendencies, the more they are likely to repeat suicide or even die of suicide. The article also seeks to identify if this group of youths has access to or even goes for mental health services. Therefore this paper is research that tries to show the connection between suicide and accessing or seeking mental health services.

Consistently, this research found that there are heterogeneous tendencies among the youth who have suicide ideation and their patterns on how they get mental health services. The paper also continues to reveal that ethnicity and the nature of suicide illnesses also determined how these youth sought mental health treatment. In other words, this paper argues that mental health services among the youth, especially those who have been reported to have suicide ideation, should be increased and even made a priority since many fail to get these mental health services. For instance, King et al. (2020) found out that those who only reported having had suicidal ideation or had a past of suicide ideation did not seek mental health services. In other words, the researchers suggest that many youths already have symptoms that they may likely commit suicide but are not getting the treatment they need.

Second Source

When taking a study like this, the researcher must have the correct statistics to show the magnitude of the problem and then relate it to the significance of the research. The American Medical Association (2019) gives comprehensive statistics on suicide among American youth. The article begins by making it clear that the cases of suicide have increased among American youth. This article by the American Medical Association gives the statistics to support their claim showing that there has been a 30 percent increase in the rates of suicide among American youth between 200 and 2016 alone. The study continues to lead to the seriousness of suicide among the youth by pointing out that the child was the worst affected. Support for this observation was made by the statistics showing that suicide cases had increased among youth aged 15 to 24. This is the age when people are studying in schools and colleges. Therefore, this research suggests that this study is crucial because it is true that suicide among the youth is increasing and is a matter of concern.

This paper further reveals that suicide among the youth increased in a particular pattern, and the design showed an increase in the rates of suicide among the child between 2000 and 2007. Again, another increase was a much more considerable increase in the rates of suicide among this population between 2007 and 2014. And between 2014 and 2017, there was yet another increase. In other words, suicide cases have been increasing, and every time statistics are taken, the rates are much higher. The study has further revealed that suicide cases among the youth increased even more among those aged between 15 and 20 and to make matters worse, this increase occurred between 2000 and 2017. What was also strange is that there were some other cases where deaths resulted from suicide, but that was not indicated, meaning that the statistics could be higher if such were factored into this data collection.

Third Source

Orri et al. (2020) also conducted a study in this area of suicide, and their analysis showed an increase in cases of passive and severe suicide ideation. This paper looked at children aged 13, 15, 17, and 20. The first thing that this paper reveals is that there are cases that can be classified as passive suicide ideation. This is suicide that is not very serious and manifests when suicide ideation has occurred maybe once but not more than twice. The paper then shows that suicide ideation can also be severe, like suicide ideation that happens often and, in many cases, leads to chronic actions. Even though the researchers looked at a specific age group instead of an age range, the results were similar to those reported by the American Medical Association.

The paper showed that suicide ideation was something common among the youth. One out of every five children think of suicide. This means there is a severe need to asses and give medication that is suicide related to the youth. The paper’s outcomes also suggest that many children face mental challenges leading to suicide ideation, attempts, and even deaths from suicide because help is not intensified among this population.


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Orri M, Scardera S, & Perret L., C, et al. (2020).  Mental Health Problems and Risk of Suicidal    Ideation and Attempts in Adolescents. Pediatrics.146(1), pp .1 – 10. :e20193823


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Case Study Analysis-Suicide Among the Youth

Case Study Analysis-Suicide Among the Youth

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