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Case Study

Case Study


Randall Johnson is an African American male aged 21 who is currently in his third year studying for a degree in medicine. Randall’s father, Johnson, is a respectable reverend in the community. Even though they come from a minority community, the family lives in an affluent neighborhood, and Randall has experienced a rich lifestyle since his birth. Moreover, since his father is rigorous and keen on his child’s behavior, Randall has never experienced life outside the church, school, or home.

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Case Story

Randall was invited to a home party by one of his classmates and convinced his parents to allow him to go to the party for the first time. His parents believed that he was an adult and let him go to the party. During this party, Randall was convinced that taking three puffs of marijuana helps increase inspiration and IQ. Since most of his colleagues were using marijuana, he decided to try it even though it was against his ideals. Randall began using marijuana from then on, and after one year of constant use, he became addicted. Consequently, the addiction has affected his performance, lifestyle, and relationship with his family.

Case Analysis

When parents are stringent and do not allow their children to experience life away from their presence, it can negatively affect them. In other words, such children do not know how to choose right from wrong because they have not experienced any vices and wrongdoing in their lives (Myers & Twenge, 2015).


Currently, the use of marijuana is affecting Randall’s life. His academic performance is wanting, and the cordial relationship with his parents is destroyed. Randall can be made to understand the impacts of addiction in his life and be encouraged to consider making a change (Das et al., 2016). This will be the first step for him to change. The next step is taking him to the rehabilitation center to get help (Myers & Twenge, 2015). However, his parents must also be guided to help him by supporting him and not rejecting him since the rejection can intensify the addiction.


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Case Study Design and Analysis
For this assignment, you will identify the main concepts and terms learned in this week’s online lectures and textbook readings and create a fictional case study (which may not be related to actual individuals).

Case Study

Case Study

You will use the following guidelines while writing your case study:

Background: You need to describe the demographics of individuals involved in the case study, such as their age, gender, occupation, education, relationships, and family history.
The case story: You need to describe a scenario using the third person in which an individual is challenged with a situation causing cognitive dissonance.
Analysis of the case: You need to utilize the information learned from the online lectures and text readings to analyze the case study. Be specific in your analysis using supporting evidence from outside sources when needed.
Recommendations: You need to end the case study with your recommendations or suggestions you would have implemented in such a situation to assist in changing the behavior of the individual involved in the case study.

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