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Carini Letter Short Essay-How Well to Attend to Children with Care

Carini Letter Short Essay-How Well to Attend to Children with Care

Carini’s Message and Whom She Is Writing the Letter

Carini wrote a letter to parents and teachers about how well to attend to children with care. She wrote the letter to teachers and parents because they are most interested in children. To her, parents and teachers possess thick layers of working knowledge about children (Carini, 2000). They care about children, care for them daily, and share the responsibility of educating them.

Carini’s View of How One Might Better Understand Children

Carini advises parents, teachers, and others who interact with children daily to review children to understand them better regularly. This should entail listening with an inner ear by picturing them in certain locations and remembering them in various postures and moods (Carini, 2000). This aims to expand the caregivers’ understanding of the changes children go through being physically present to understand their disposition and temperament.

Bias in Carini’s Work

One can detect bias in Carini’s work. Despite the letter discussing strategies teachers can employ to effectively attend and care for children, her observation and assessment only suit children from privileged backgrounds. Additionally, her letter only addresses the needs of children from higher class backgrounds without mentioning inclusion issues in the classroom setting.

Determining the Value of Carini’s Method of Observation and Assessment to All Children

Carini’s method of observation, which is making the child visible as a unique person who is trying to make sense of the world, will not be of value to all children, especially those historically unrepresented, because children from such backgrounds have not fully developed due to the poor environment they come from. One cannot make a child visible, yet they have underlying emotional and social issues.


Carini, P. F. (2000). A letter to parents and teachers on ways to look at and reflect on children. From another angle: Children’s strengths and school standards, 56–65.


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Attached below is Carini’s Letter you need to read the letter and
In your own words, tell me what Carini is saying. To whom is she writing this letter? Why?

Carini Letter Short Essay-How Well to Attend to Children with Care

Carini Letter Short Essay-How Well to Attend to Children with Care

What is her view on how we might better understand the children with whom we live, love, teach, and learn? Do you detect any bias in her work? That is, would her method of observation and assessment be of value for all children, including those from groups that have been historically unrepresented? (WORD limit-250)

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