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Bullying in places of work and the nursing profession has been present for a long period and has, therefore, become an issue; for an individual’s actions to be termed bullying or harassment, a power gradient must exist. To understand the relationship between bullying and diversity, it is important to understand bullying through the four different lenses of education: history, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. Viewing bullying through these four lenses will help comprehend the reasons for bullying in nurses” workplaces and its effect on diversity.

Lens Connections: History

Bullying has been present for many years; it dates back to the Crimean War. It has, however, been more prevalent in the nursing profession in the 21st century. The nursing profession has a higher bullying rate than other professions, ranging from job-related bullying to personal bullying (Ul Hassan et al., 2021). Again, bullying in the nursing profession dates back to wartime. It involved nurses who were being paid and those who were not being paid. Nurses receiving pay was considered less important and lower than volunteer nurses since people felt that they were working for the money and not their patients (Stanley, 2019). Diversity issues concerning religion and where nurses practiced arose during the American Civil War. This brought up the issue of race. African American women slaves who had been freed or lower-class white women were nurses during this period. Higher-class white women did not labor (Stanley, 2019). Additionally, nurses at the frontline of the First World War were considered more valuable than other nurses working in other fields, such as rehabilitation nurses (Stanley, 2019).

 Lens Connections: Humanities

The nursing profession is about caring for patients and restoring health and well-being. Nurses advocate for the weak and meek in society. Humanities involve accepting many things and issues related to religion and culture, among others. The core of nursing is humanities and not bullying. Nursing is a compassing, loving and caring profession. Nurses care for their patients with empathy. Despite this, bullying still happens in workplaces. Bullying negatively affects nurses who are victims and thus the delivery of patient care. Bullying cause stress, medication errors, staff burnout, job dissatisfaction and high nurse turnover rates (Ul Hassan et al., 2021). Viewing nursing through the humanity lens shows that bullying should not happen in nursing.

Lens Connections: Natural and Applied Sciences

The natural science lens studies the physical world and how human beings fit into it. Natural sciences include chemistry and biology, while applied sciences include mathematics and technology. Viewing bullying through this lens can help us comprehend why bullying happens and ways of fixing it. Studies have revealed that bullying has negative biological effects. It affects the body’s stress response, and these changes can be risk factors for poorer health (Lin et al., 2020). Bullying can cause depression and anxiety disorders.

Lens Connections: Social Sciences

Workplace bullying in nursing has been present for many decades. Social sciences involve studying relationships between human beings and the society they reside in. Human beings are social and require human contact for survival. Nursing cares for the sick and ill. Examining bullying from the social sciences shows that we should accept society as diverse and not promote bullying. When nurses bully each other, it deviates from the definition of nursing as a caring profession. Bullying increases turnover intentions in nurses (Ul Hassan et al., 2021).


Bullying has existed in the nursing profession for many years. It has been attributed to diversity, specialization and racial issues. In addition, it can result in mental issues, burnout and high turnover rates. Examining nursing through the four different lenses of education: history, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences can help understand the relationship between bullying and diversity.


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For this first milestone, you will select an issue or topic in wellness to analyze through the four general education lenses. You will also analyze the issue’s or topic’s relationship to culture and society. Once you submit this Milestone One assignment, be sure to wait until your instructor has graded it and has approved your issue or topic before starting on the remaining Milestones for the project.

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