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Brainstorming Session- Unveiling the Learning Organization

Brainstorming Session- Unveiling the Learning Organization

According to Yadav & Agarwal (2016), a learning organization is a group of people collaborating to improve their capacities to generate desired results. An ideal learning organization creates an environment where employees can learn from one another and develop and enhance their professional skills (Dawood et al., 2015). Therefore, the term learning organization means an organization that offers a work environment where employees exchange knowledge and ideas that enhance their professional skills and capacity to meet the organization’s expectations.

My experience working at Michigan House Senior Living helped me learn more about a learning organization because the work environment at the facility has some of the elements of a learning organization. One of the elements is knowledge development among employees. According to Seratt (2017), a learning organization creates an opportunity for employees to develop their knowledge and share it to meet the organization’s goals. Consistently, Michigan House Senior Living supports the development and sharing of knowledge among employees through employee workshops. The workshops create an opportunity for employees to interact and exchange ideas on how to meet the facility’s mission and goals and deal with the challenges they experience within the facility, leading to high productivity.

Information and communications technology is the second element of a learning organization exhibited at Michigan House Senior Living. A learning organization uses information and communications technology to develop and sustain learning communities, enhance organizational identity, keep employees, clients, and other stakeholders informed about corporate developments, connect with people, and encourage innovation (Seratt, 2017). Michigan House Senior Living uses information and communications technology to inform employees and clients about the developments in the facility and create connections with the community around the facility for easy access to resources. The facility also uses information and communication technology to connect caregivers with clients who opt to receive caregiving services at their homes.


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Unit 1.2 DB: Learning OrganizationsUnit 1.2 DB: Learning Organizations
Brainstorm about the term “learning organizations” and share your thoughts and ideas about what the term means with your classmates. Expand on your thoughts by looking back at an organization with which you have worked or been involved with. Describe at least two elements that meet the criteria of a learning organization using specific examples. Cite any resources that you use to support your description in APA format.
In response to your classmates, respectfully agree or disagree with their analysis of the criteria. Incorporate concepts from this week’s readings in your responses.

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