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Boston Public School Early Childhood Curriculum

Boston Public School Early Childhood Curriculum

Most curricula expect teachers to have an attentively made lesson plan regardless of their experience, ability, or training discipline. A plan must involve every component of learning and free play time for learners (Kauchak and Paul 289). The significance of a lesson plan is stressed by the need for comprehension and clarity on how the entire course of learning will be handled or conducted. A curriculum also guides how the students memorize and understand the knowledge the tutor passes them. Therefore, a lesson plan has numerous benefits, such as helping learners achieve their long-term and short-term goals. Most importantly, a lesson plan offers the teacher a general outline of their teaching objectives, learning goals, and exhaustive ways to achieve them.

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Almost everything about this Boston Curriculum is exciting. No one would dispute that these plans are much more effective for preschool learners because they are learner-centered. The three things I liked about the Curriculum are the resources, especially the books used for planning, the activities, and the objectives the lessons were set to achieve (P-2 Overview 1). The resources, mainly the textbooks used in maths, were simple to understand and favorable for preschool kids. The poems, songs, and ELA books used in this Curriculum were impressive and strategic to the lesson’s needs. The activities to ensure the successful learning process was also lively and learner-oriented. For instance, the already-made math plan shows that learners were divided into groups with different math figures. This was so encouraging. The activities used for the ELA plan, such as the teacher reading the lesson course book for the learners, were excellent and bright.

Finally, I liked that the Curriculum emphasized having lesson objectives that were direct and limited to three to ensure learners memorized the idea being taught. The Curriculum stresses that a productive lesson is not one with everything going strictly as intended but one in which students and the teacher learn from each other. It would be strange to state that there was nothing I disliked about the Curriculum, but one aspect that I disliked about this Curriculum was that its assessment is varied. It is much more complicated, and I feel it is unfavorable for ECE learners. Therefore, there are areas in which I would wish to make changes. One of these areas is the free-play; the free playtime is too short. In this segment, I feel something should be changed; free-play time should be increased to ensure children have enough time to play while also learning.

The other thing I would change is the assessment. I feel that a varied curriculum can be confusing to both the teacher and parents. Thus, it would be prudent to simplify or ton down the assessment to capture only the most critical aspects of learning for early childhood learners and exclude the least essential element of the evaluation. I feel free-play time should be increased because children in preschool learn more through play. If this time is limited to five minutes, learners will not learn successfully as their playtime is restrained. The varied assessment should be toned down only to cover the essential aspects of early childhood learning to avoid confusion and lack of understanding from parents because they will need much explanation to understand the assessment.

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You will review the Boston Public School Early Childhood Curriculum adopted by the Mississippi Department of Education for Mississippi Early Childhood programs. The website can be found under Course Information (ECE Curriculum Resource). Click on all the tabs to review the ELA  and Math plans. Then, look at the written lesson plans and songs/poems ready for use. You can print any of this information for your daycare or preschool. If the link will not pull up, search for Boston Early Childhood Curriculum.

Boston Public School Early Childhood Curriculum

Boston Public School Early Childhood Curriculum

The Website: Pre-K — Focus on Early Learning (

Discussion Board: I want you to reflect on the discussion board. Tell 3 things you liked about the Curriculum. Three things you disliked (if any). Are there any changes you would make? Where? Why? Would you use this Curriculum in your preschool? The reflection needs to be 350 words or more.

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