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How to write a bibliographic essay

 Bibliographic essay

What is a bibliography essay? Most students experience difficulties when it comes to writing a bibliographic essay. Like other essay types bibliographic essays are not complicated when you get to understand them. When you are presented with this type of essay, the first thing you have to do is learn what is a bibliography. This will give you an idea of what a bibliography paper is about. Don’t let your bibliography homework stress you when you can hire our homework help.

What is a bibliographic essay?

The definition of a bibliographic essay is academic writing that borrows from both a bibliography and an essay. Its work is to conduct an analysis on a specific subject and give an overview of the literature available. A bibliographic essay does not use arguments or conclusions to make its point rather it evaluates books, articles, research, and any credible source of information that is relevant to the existing topic.

A bibliographic essay is supposed to provide enough information on the topic from its history, methodologies, content, and even the controversies. A bibliographic essay is developed in such a way that anybody looking into the topic in question will quickly understand the literature available and the articles, journals, and even books related to the topic. This article  is going to guide you on everything you need to learn about a bibliographic essay.

Bibliographic essay writing tips

To write a bibliographic essay you have to do your research from different sources of information from books, articles, and even documents and then give your summary and analysis relevant to the particular topic. Follow the steps below to write a perfect bibliographic essay.

  1. Pick a topic

What is your topic of discussion? Before you start your essay writing, have a topic in mind. Make sure the topic you have chosen has various sources of information and there is enough discussion about it. Picking a suitable topic is always the hardest part of the whole process.

  1. Reliable sources

When gathering multiple sources of information you will have to make sure that every single source is credible and relates to the topic. You can gather information from books, documents, reports, journals, and any verified source. Avoid using sources like the internet and encyclopedias that are not verified or provide you with sufficient information for your essay.

You can survey the materials using references such as dictionaries. Visit the libraries and use their database you do not have to solely rely on lectures and brainstorming ideas. From your list go through each source and eliminate any book that is not needed for the paper.

  1. Take notes as you go

Carefully go through each source taking notes of important details you will use in your bibliographic essay. Make sure you capture every argument or evidence relevant to the topic. If possible be organized with your work, and make sure your points fall where you want them in the final paper.

  1. Come up with an outline

Just like any other paper, a bibliographic essay has a recommended structure. Below is one way you can outline your paper.

  • Introduction

This is where you will introduce your topic of discussion to the readers. Give a summary of what your paper will mainly focus on and the sources you will analyze and summarize. Take the chance to mention the author and the titles of every source. Provide background information about the texts and the author to help the readers understand the context better.

  • Body

This part is made up of subtopics with different themes. Each paragraph covers a certain point and is backed up by relevant sources listing their every strength and weakness. Each paragraph should be well-cited so that the readers can learn where they can access the data from. Make sure you have noted the differences and also the similarities from the multiple sources.

  • Conclusion

Take this opportunity to give a summary of every main point you have made in your bibliographic essay. Discuss every detail you have uncovered from the various sources and most of all do not forget to mention the importance of your paper to the topic of discussion.

  1. Compose your bibliographic essay

You start your paper with an introduction. Educate your reader on the topic, context, and reason for the paper. Write a thesis statement that explains your opinion, ideas, and stand on the matter at hand.

Write the body paragraphs as per the themes you have. Focus each paragraph to cover a specific point and make sure they are properly formatted. Do not forget to analyze and evaluate the sources.

  1. Particular obligation

Following the topic be thorough when going through the sources. Look to understand each source individually before you can confidently pinpoint the similarities in the sources and how they differ from each other. Look for gaps in the archives literature, contradictions, and the role played by every source in making contributions to the essay.

  1. Conclusion

Restate your thesis statement, briefly summarize every main point, and discuss how the sources were important to the topic.

  1. Editing and proofreading

Go through your paper before submitting it to make sure it is free of grammatical errors, it is clear and well-formatted.

Bibliographic essay format

What does a bibliographic essay look like? Do we structure a nursing bibliographic essay in the normal way? Well, the only thing that changes the bibliographic essay is the requirements presented. The format below is a guide and should be adjusted as per your professor’s requirements.

  1. Title page
  • What is the t of focus your paper? Write it down here
  • Do not forget to include your name, the professor, the date, and every detail of the course you are taking.
  1. Introduction
  • What is the topic of discussion for the essay? make sure you include it here
  • What is the point of writing a bibliographic essay on this topic? Why is the topic important and how is it relevant to your field of study?
  • What do you hope to accomplish what themes will you follow and the areas you will touch on?
  1. Body
  • The number of sections or subtopics your essay has will correspond with the number of main points you will tackle.
  • Give a detailed summary and analysis of each point
  • Each body paragraph should be cited with the relevant sources and formatted correctly.
  • Each source differs from the other, make sure you have captured and highlighted the similarities, differences, methodologies, arguments, and even findings that were made by the authors.
  1. Integration and synthesis
  • Discuss the connections that are visible amongst the points of discussion and highlight the common thing.
  • Give your own opinions on the different relations between the sources and how their relevance and contributions are essential to the topic.
  1. Conclusion
  • Summarize what you have found from the literature.
  • Why is the topic important and what role does it play when it comes to the field of study?
  • If you have uncovered areas with gaps that could use an extensive amount of research make sure you say it.
  1. Bibliography
  • Give a list of every source of information you have cited and used in your paper.
  • The sources should be listed in alphabetical order and the author’s last name should be the key determinant.
  • The bibliography should be formatted using one citation style.
  1. Annotations
  • They are normally unnecessary but if requested offer additional supportive information for each source.
  • An annotation is meant to give brief information on each source explaining how it relates to the essay.
  1. Formatting style
  • The font should be 12-point in size and Times New Roman, Arial unless you are requested otherwise. Your bibliographic essay ought to be clear.
  • The paper spacing should be double-spaced
  • Maintain consistency on the margins
  • Your instructor will provide you with a citation style to use which could either be APA and MLA, Chicago, or even Harvard
  1. Page numbers
  • Your page numbers should sequentially follow each other.

Nursing bibliographic essay

A nursing bibliographic essay conducts a literature review on nursing research, practice, theories, education, and topics related to the nursing field after it summarizes everything in detail. Just like a normal bibliographic essay it borrows from both an essay and a bibliography to help the readers understand nursing.

The reasons for writing a nursing bibliographic essay include

  • Give an overview of the nursing topic
  • Incorporate information
  • Identify trends and gaps in nursing
  • Provide insights
  • Provide evidence for research
  • Add to the discussions

Your nursing bibliographic essay format is similar to a general bibliographic essay and may vary on the requirement.

To conclude

With this guide, you can easily come up with a bibliographic essay. We have included how to write a bibliographic essay and even the format. As a student, you might be looking for a reliable service provider to write your bibliographic essay. At you will find experts who are qualified and ready to write your essay.  You can go through their samples before you choose your writer. All our services are professional, highly- affordable, and quality. Contact us today we are available 24/7. We offer custom thesis writing help for the complete thesis whether a thesis proposal or even a chapter thesis.

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