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Benefits of OOP for solving programming problems

Benefits of OOP for solving programming problems

Object-oriented programming is a method used to structure a program by bundling related properties and behaviors into single objects. Furthermore, it is also an approach used in creating neat and reusable codes instead of redundant ones. Python is also one of the programming languages that supports the execution of OOP. As a programming language, Python elaborates a class with attributes and techniques, after which the user will then call (Miller et al., 2015). Notably, there are various benefits that one stands to gain as a result of running object-oriented programming on Python. For instance, it is a dynamic language composed of various high-end categories of data types. This shows that development occurs at a much faster rate than when one is using Java or C++ language (Miller et al., 2015). Also, using Python to run OOP prevents the programmer from declaring the types of variables or arguments being used. This makes this programming language easier for beginners to comprehend and acquire most of the necessary skills since the code is more readable and elaborate.

The object-oriented programming paradigm is useful for solving programming problems through its unique attribute of reusing the code through inheritance. The unique attribute of inheritance found in object-oriented programming is important because it aids in saving time (Abidin & Zawawi 2020). For example, when two individuals require different types of objects, such as a RaceCar object and a Limousine object, In this case, one generic class can be created (Car), and then subclasses are defined as RaceCar and Limousine, which proceed to inherit the traits of the generic class. In this case, OOP permits the Limousine and the RaceCar to adopt fireAfterBurners and Chauffeur functions, respectively. When changes are made to the Car class, the car objects will inherit the new code.


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Benefits of OOP for solving programming problems

Benefits of OOP for solving programming problems

How does the object-oriented programming paradigm make it useful for solving programming problems? Share an example of a programming problem from your organization or one you’re familiar with to support your answer.

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