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Benefits and Potential Problems Associated with Conflict

Benefits and Potential Problems Associated with Conflict

According to my understanding, conflicts occur when an individual or group disagrees. Constructive conflict can be beneficial for the individual and an organization because it can bring the important problem that should be resolved. Constructive conflicts can benefit the individual or an organization because it increases the chance of resolving the problem for the betterment of the individual or the organization. People can also learn how to adjust themselves when compromising and avoiding conflict. Companies and organizations can point out the problems through constructive feedback or conflict. Destructive conflict can create a negative environment; it can be very harmful to the individual and an organization. Sometimes it will also create a hostile situation and result in poor quality of work. In destructive conflict, it is almost impossible for a group or individual to work together. Destructive conflict can be interpersonal(destructive emotional conflict) or when the desired goal of a team is not achieved because of the conflict(destructive substantive conflict) (Uhl-bien et al., 2021).

Different strategies can be used to avoid conflict to resolve dysfunctional conflicts. The reducing differences approach can be used to resolve problems. In this strategy, people are encouraged to adopt a new behavior, and attitude, towards each other. Tolerating differences is another strategy to reduce conflict by pushing members to appreciate and value each other. Dysfunctional conflict can be resolved either by face-to-face conflict management strategies or indirect and more structural strategies. Relational conflict is emotional conflict, and it comes from different ideologies, different styles, and different values. The strategy to reduce perceived differences is by developing more inclusive categories through recategorization, recategorization, or cross-categorization. Status conflict comes from power differences when one artist thinks they are superior to others and undermine their authority. Functional conflicts can be reduced by creating conditions for people to engage their differences to generate creative tension. If the tension is too high, reduce the heat by finding commonality (Uhl-bien et al., 2021).

Avoidance may be used when an issue is a trivial Accommodation may be used when issues are more important to others than yourself. Compromise may be used to arrive at temporary settlements of complex issues. The authoritative command may be used when quick and decisive action is vital or when unpopular actions must be taken. Collaboration and problem-solving are used to gain true conflict resolution when time and cost permit (Uhl-bien et al., 2021).


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Benefits and Potential Problems Associated with Conflict

Benefits and Potential Problems Associated with Conflict

Using a practical example, what are the benefits and potential problems associated with conflict? According to the textbook, what are examples of specific conflict management strategies for resolving conflict?

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