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Beliefs and Opinions of Authority

 Beliefs and Opinions of Authority

Growing up, there has always been talking about the transgender bathroom debate; I never really understood why society would make a small issue big. I enjoyed reading both articles: 3 Myths That Shape the Transgender Bathroom Debate and Federal Court Rules That Transgender Students Must be Allowed to Use Bathrooms That Match Their Gender. Both authors give great examples of what causes the rise of concern for letting transgenders use opposite-sex bathrooms. Both authors in the articles listed above clearly feel that transgenders should be allowed to use their respective bathrooms without any issues.

There are also claims that sexual predators will take advantage of any accommodation laws permit transgenders to attack women and children when there has been no evidence leading to attacks in public facilities due to previous anti-discrimination protections in place for gender identity people. There are currently nineteen states, the District of Columbia and multiple municipalities that have anti-discrimination laws allowing transgenders to use their public facilities that align with their gender. During a small research project CNN conducted, there were no reports of bathroom assaults once their policies took effect, proving the claims to be just that, an assumption.

In Florida, a federal court has ruled it to be unconstitutional for schools to ban transgenders from using public facilities that match the gender they identify as. There was a case with a former student of Allen D. Nease High School in Ponte Vedra,

Florida by the name of Drew Adams. Drew is a transgender male. He used the boys’ bathroom without any known issues until an anonymous report was made.

After the anonymous report, Drew Adams was told by school officials that he would only be allowed to use gender-neutral restrooms, singling Drew out from the other kids in the school. Drew Adams’s situation is definitely a great example of the imbalance of power. A power imbalance is when one partner or group can dominate the decision-making or asserts power in ways that disadvantage other partners or are not in the best interest of achieving the partnership objectives, which was Drew’s case. Drew was dominated by the school officials to use gender-neutral bathrooms.

Being singled out in public areas is not fun and is probably tough to go through. Drew Adams felt embarrassed that he had to use the gender-neutral bathroom at his High School. The school was punishing Drew for being transgender, which of course, in turn, made Drew feel less of a person because of who he was. The judge in the federal court agreed with Drew Adams’s case, “The School Board’s bathroom policy, as applied to Mr. Adams, singled him out for different treatment because of his transgender status,” stated the judge during his ruling.

Ethical implications that may occur due to the discrimination of transgender will only lead to more discrimination, in my opinion. It is unethical to single someone out because of the gender they identify to be. It was also stated that transgenders have a mental illness causing them to want to be the opposite sex when they’re no psychiatric or psychological studies proving to be such.

When it comes to legal implications in Drew Adams’s scenario, Drew was being punished by his school board just because he was transgender, leading to a federal court case. During the trial, the judge ruled in Drew Adams’s favour, thankfully. Legal implications are the results or consequences of being involved in something according to the law. To give a more thorough example of a legal implication would be Drew’s situation.

In conclusion, I feel as though it is unethical to single anyone out due to the gender they choose to identify as. It is an injustice to make claims that transgenders have mental illnesses because of their gender identity. Everyone should ne be treated with the respect they deserve.


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Anticipating, Managing          and          Mitigating          Power power-imbalances.pdf


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Week 6 Assignment – Beliefs and Opinions of Authority


Beliefs and Opinions of Authority

Beliefs and Opinions of Authority

In this assignment, you will discuss how the imbalance of power creates or sustains systemic issues by examining one of the topics below. In so doing, you will examine the ethical, legal, and political implications of inequality and inequity at a societal level. This will increase your awareness of how social intelligence can help leaders make fairer decisions for society. You can also apply this learning to your personal decision-making process to make choices that benefit the people you interact with every day.


Use two sources listed in the Requirements to support your writing. Cite the sources listed at least one time within your assignment.

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