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Being Observed as Part of Discovering Your Competencies

Being Observed as Part of Discovering Your Competencies

Student-teacher evaluation is designed to help aspiring teachers develop their skills through continuous reflection and improvement. Machado et al. note that because teachers are core decision-makers, curriculum designers, and classroom managers, they are expected to encounter changes from time to time (66). As such, professional teaching should be a lifelong process, and feedback obtained from regular evaluations aims to help them to improve. When being observed by a mentor teacher, one should take any critique that comes with the process as an avenue to improve their weaknesses as they prepare to assume classroom responsibilities. According to Machado et al., student teachers should embrace the process as it helps to acquire new skills or expand existing ones (67). Therefore, this discussion aims to analyze the importance of evaluations and observations as part of growth for student teachers.

Constructive criticism helps student teachers gather objective information they cannot collect by themselves. However, in the process, one might feel like they are being pressured, hence losing trust in their mentor teacher. When such moments arise, one should be helped to realize that every teacher has strengths and weaknesses (Machado et al. 66). These weaknesses shape every successful teacher. Additionally, observational feedback is part of learning as it pinpoints behaviour that a professional teacher should have while teaching. As such, training programs should employ the most effective techniques when collecting data about student teachers’ performance.

How Can Student Teachers Accept Constructive Criticism?

One way is to practice turning negative comments into a learning opportunity. Developing a positive perception of the supervisor is vital in building evaluation trust. Aspiring teachers should aim to build a good rapport with their supervisor as it helps them perceive the feedback positively. One has to choose either being upset with negative comments or taking them as an opportunity for growth. According to Machado et al., accepting negative feedback with the right attitude offers growth opportunities, while being defensive leads to harmful thoughts (67). Also, student teachers should set aside time to discuss the feedback. Therefore, aspiring teachers should take criticism as a crucial opportunity to learn new skills and improve their existing ones.

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Being Observed as Part of Discovering Your Competencies

Being Observed as Part of Discovering Your Competencies

Read Chapter 3: Being Observed: Discovering Your Competencies
Observations are part of being a teacher and should not be viewed as a scary event to suffer through instead one should look at evaluations and observations as a chance for growth. Write 3 pieces of advice (5-7 sentences) to student teachers to help them accept constructive criticism.
The book is- Student Teaching: Early Childhood Practicum Guide, Cengage.

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