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Becoming Culturally Competent

Becoming Culturally Competent

African American food culture involves food prepared primarily through frying and barbeque. Although African Americans eat healthy vegetables and fruits, a large percentage of their food is considered unhealthy and increases the risk of diseases such as hypertension, stroke, and diabetes (York & Tang, 2021). Accordingly, I will approach the patient in a friendly way that does not demean the patient’s culture and beliefs. I will reassure the patient that my suggestions are geared toward their nutritional benefits. The patient’s care plan must include healthy foods readily available in the African American culture. The patient plan will also include accessible healthy foods in the patient’s environment. I will enlighten the patient on the nutritional value of readily available foods, although they are not common in the African American culture. In addition, I will educate the patient on the healthy way of preparing food to maintain its nutritional value. My task is to schedule an individualized meal plan for the patient that ensures they have a nutritious meal throughout the day (Naughton et al., 2021).


Naughton, C., Simon, R., White, T. J., de Foubert, M., Cummins, H., & Dahly, D. (2021). Mealtime and patient factors associated with meal completion in hospitalized older patients: An exploratory observation study. Journal of Clinical Nursing30(19-20), 2935-2947

York, F. N., & Tang, L. (2021). ‘Picture me heart disease free’: understanding African Americans’ cardiovascular disease experiences through a culture-centered approach. Journal of Applied Communication Research49(3), 247-266


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Becoming Culturally Competent

Becoming Culturally Competent

Assessment Description

  1. Select and identify a culture other than your own. How will you have to modify your communication approach, nursing tasks, and patient education in formulating a culturally competent plan of care for this patient? Five marks
  2. What factors influencing nutritional practices in the United States could be changed to improve health? Five marks

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