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Aviation Security

Aviation Security

Sample Answer 

Aviation Security


Even though San Francisco International Airport and some other 21 airports in the USA are under private security, they still operate under TSA. Privatizing was not about ditching TSA but was a way of improving the efficiency of the airports, with the security wait times being significantly reduced. This paper addresses the advantages and demerits of having government-run airport security as opposed to the privatization of the same. Then the ability of airports like SFO to remain secure with privately run security will be addressed.

In your evaluation, consider factors that resulted in the creation of the Transportation Security Administration.

TSA was formed following the 9/11 attacks in a bid to develop and implement [policies to ensure that the safety of the transportation system was guaranteed. These policies cover airport security, including screening before boarding and the safety of the passengers who may be threatened by hijacking (Bajoria, 2010). Surveillance at the airports when passengers are boarding help with flagging out individuals that may require additional screening to prevent a breach of security for air transport.

Evaluate the pros and cons of the following: Remaining with a government-operated system of administering airport security, versus returning to privately owned and operated, contracted airport security organizations

Pros of having government run airport security.

Government institutions are better equipped for security due to the availability of more resources without the expectation for returns or profit from the services rendered. Running airport security under the government’s TSA costs less compared with private security, save for the duplication of roles

Cons of government-run airport security

Since its formation, TSA has grown from an initial staff of 16,600 to 63,000, making it difficult to run the authority. This government agency has become a bureaucratic and ineffective organization for screening passengers instead of concentrating on standards setting and performance auditing for airport security in the nation. This has resulted in increased delays and long queues during boarding. Excessive duplication of roles under government-run security causes a significant loss of taxpayers’ money (Mica, 2011).

Advantages of private airport security

It will be remembered that government agencies are prone to bureaucracies that are the cause of inefficiency. Privatizing airport security helps ensure flexibility in the airport’s running (Wisniewski & Byrne, 2016). Private firms can respond faster to demands for staff than government-run security. Private companies also offer better services in areas of high stress, high boredom, and burnout. Private firms can motivate their staff with bonuses, accept higher turnover, and replace faster than the government would.

Disadvantages of privately run airport security

There are only marginal benefits of having privately run airport security due to the huge transition costs. Moreover, the private security firms are paid from the federal government fund as an issue of security cannot be turned into a profit-making venture to cover the expenses. This challenges the notion that running airports on private security is cheaper than using government security.


Whether TSA accepts or makes the procedure for privatizing airport security difficult, the future of airport security lies in privatization. Airports like SFO can offer better services to their customers due to the increased efficiency of having a private security firm operate its security, as seen from customer reviews on their experience at the airport’s security checkpoints. TSA should leave the area of human resources to the operation of private firms and concentrate on setting standards and implementing policies on airport security.


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Case Analysis – Aviation Security


  • Two to three pages text (maximum, include a reference page; and a title page)
  • Double-spaced lines
  • Times New Roman 12 pitch


Aviation Security

Aviation Security

  1. Review what others did regarding the case
  2. Diagnose the case (identify the issue/problem, define the significance of the issue/problem)
  • “Size-up” the case (determine the influence of the issue/problem, decide what was done well, and identify what could be improved)
  • Provide recommendations (identify courses of action; what would you do differently?)

Develop a case analysis on this topic:

  • Evaluate the pros and cons of the following: Remaining with a government-operated system of administering airport security, versus returning to privately owned and operated, contracted airport security organizations.
  • In your evaluation, consider factors that resulted in the creation of the Transportation Security Administration. Include in your discussion San Francisco International Airport’s ability to remain secure while utilizing a private company under contract with the federal government. As always, draw upon previous module knowledge to help you conduct your analysis.

Refer to the assignment guides and rubric in the activity and ensure your case analysis conforms to the assignment requirements. Use the rubric as a guide when completing this assignment.

In order to receive full credit, assignments must be submitted by the due date. You may lose points for late submissions. No submissions accepted after the last day of the module/week. Collectively, case analyses are worth 40% of your course grade.

Upon submission, your work will automatically be evaluated through the SafeAssign plagiarism detection tool. Ensure your work is entirely your own. Cite your sources!

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