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Authentic Assessments

Authentic Assessments

I feel like a student usually lacks interest in learning because they do not see the purpose of it. For some, a conversation is enough; others are motivated by grades or positive reinforcement, but this is not true for all students. Some need a little extra push, which motivates them and especially shows them the use of what they are being taught in THEIR LIVE. Apps and devices can be helpful with the former. There are so many tools online that can be used; we need to carefully look and, especially, know our students’ needs. Also, it can help with more individualized teaching and avoid cultural bias that the curriculum could have. In other words, the internet and all its resources can be a perfect ally when appropriately used.


Herrera, S. G., Cabral, R. M., & Murray, K. G. (2012). Assessment accommodations for classroom teachers of culturally and linguistically diverse students (2nd ed.) Boston, MA: Pearson


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Authentic Assessments

Authentic Assessments

What are the primary goals of authentic assessments? How could they (including online assessment tools, apps, and devices) bring value to the teaching and learning of ELL/bilingual students?

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