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Assessment Terms Definitions

Assessment Terms Definitions

Pre-assessment is an assessment executed by the teacher before teaching to determine the learner’s level and knowledge. It is also used to determine learner interests and attitudes toward learning.

Formative assessment happens during teaching to assess learners’ progress, give learners feedback, and help the teacher decide whether to change the teaching approach (Burden, Paul, and David 285).

Summative assessment is a type of assessment conducted at the end of the unit or course or happens after teaching and serves as a way to record and document what learners understand, know, and are capable of doing.

Norm-referenced assessments are used to interpret a learner’s score by comparing it to the scores of other students on the same test.

On the other hand, criterion-referenced assessment is a type of assessment used to interpret a learner’s or person’s performance by equating it to a specific criterion, like a performance standard.

Validity is the degree to which a test measures what it is intended to measure. Due to the several validities in learning, teachers are often more concerned with content validity to ensure that the content aligns with the learning objectives (Burden, Paul, and David 286).

Reliability primarily deals with how consistent results are. The more consistent the results are, the higher the test reliability.

Performance-based assessment:  this is an assessment that teachers can use as an option for teacher-made exams by measuring learners’ learning using other practical activities, like evaluating the products that learners prepare to reflect their learning (Burden, Paul, and David 289).

Work Cited

Burden, Paul R., and David M. Byrd. Methods for effective teaching: Meeting the needs of all students. Allyn & Bacon, 2013.


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Assessment Terms Definitions

Assessment Terms Definitions

Weekly Assignment #13: Assessment Terms Definitions
Look back on Chapter 11 from the last module and use Chapter 12 from the present module to define the following terms in your OWN words (do not simply copy the definitions from the book; you will not receive credit):
Formative Assessment
Summative Assessment
Norm-Referenced Assessment
Criterion-Referenced Assessment
Performance-based Assessment

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