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Artworks that Display the Theme Death

Artworks that Display the Theme Death

I choose two art works from the Neo-classicism period and Impression period respectively.

The Death of General Wolfe (1770)[ CITATION Joh19 \l 1033 ].

The Le déjeuner sur l’herbe (1863)[ CITATION Imp19 \l 1033 ]

During the Neo-classicism period, Benjamin West drew the art work about the Death of General Wolfe (1770). This particular painting exhibited the demise of the Major- General James Wolfe which happened at the flat lands of Abraham at the War of Quebec in the year 1759. This specific Major was murdered by musket fire in that short-lived fight as he was the leader of the British militaries to triumph, setting in gesticulation the defeat of Canada from the French. We can realize him resting on the battleground encircled and consoled by an assemblage of majors. With his figure making the bottom of a pyramidal assemblage that increases to the partly curled flag directly above, and his light face are ignited up with an illumination which is Christ-like which makes him the optical and expressive focus of the effort.

During the Impressionism period Édouard Manet drew the artwork about the “Le déjeuner sur l’herbe (1863)” which meant Luncheon on the Grass. When Manet painted this, he had previously detached himself from the custom of Realist drawing and the academic studies of a salon. At the time the artwork was offered at the Salon of 1863, des denies since it produced a disturbance because of both its aesthetic manifesting plus its “entertaining” content. The portrait, which shows the eat al fresco of two fully dressed males and two stark-naked females, disobeys the custom of the perfect feminine theme pertaining Neoclassicism in the placing of the lady on the left who stares honestly out at the onlooker- she is argumentative, instead of being passive.

The dense, vague brushstrokes belonging to the backdrop, devastation of three-dimensionality, and utilization of eccentric subject issue later impacted the Impressionists in their pictures of the normal biosphere and current life.

Iconography is the imagery of a work of painting. In the Death of General Wolfe art work, the flag behind General Wolfe which aids as a force of direction as it pointed on the Major and the sky signifying the fact that his soul would go up into the heaven. Another symbol is the clouds that pass over the head which indicated that the soul of Wolfe would pass over and he would die. In the “Le déjeuner sur l’herbe” art work, the nude women have been used as a symbol of sex and even fertility.

In the Death of General Wolfe artwork, the history behind it is the death of General Wolf during the French and Indian War in N. America. At this time, the Major was fatally injured on the flat lands of Abraham outside the Quebec. In the “Le déjeuner sur l’herbe” it shows the refusal of Manet to imitate the convention and his start of a new freedom from traditional topics and styles of depiction.

In the Death of General Wolfe artwork, depicts political factors. Major James was the leader and was fatally wounded and killed by fire. He was the leader of the British militaries to triumph, setting in gesticulation the defeat of Canada from the French.

Philosophy is the manner of thinking about the world, the entire universe and the society.

The concepts in the philosophy are mostly abstract and general. In the Death of General Wolfe artwork, philosophy is depicted through the version of the death of Wolf and the work of the West was groundbreaking for the art.

Religious status

 Religion refers to the social-cultural structure of practices or behaviors, the people’s morals as well as the worldviews, the places that are sanctified as well as the ethics of a certain group of people. Religion is depicted in the artwork of Death of General Wolfe art- work where the people gathered to take care of the dying Pieta. The religion of these people is obviously Christianity as these people are gathered to care for their leader. In Le déjeuner sur l’herbe”, there is a depiction of Christianity too as a religion where the person kneels down.

Social depiction.

 In Le déjeuner sur l’herbe”, the people gather together to show social status of coming together as a family, community or a village. There is closeness and gathering of the people. In the same line of thinking, there is a form of social life in Death of General Wolfe art-work where the people came together in groups. One was in the center who was the General and was being aided by the other two of his staff. The other groups that had gathered included the six people who were military and were all very concerned about the dying General.


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Choose one of the the following themes:

Artworks that Display the Theme Death

Artworks that Display the Theme Death

love, identity, nature, power, death

Choose two artworks that display the theme you have chosen. Write a 2 page describing each artwork and how each shows the theme. Your should include both a description of the artwork in addition to a discussion of the artworks’ meaning and historical significance. You may do research for this assignment, however, the description and ideas should be yours.

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