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Art Curriculum for Young Explorers

Art Curriculum for Young Explorers

Art curriculum is a strategic plan that aims to enable every child to explore different artistic styles, communicate visually, and make meaning out of them. It provides age-appropriate progressive education that helps learners to be creative and innovative while allowing them to develop their artistic interests and talents. The significant advantage of incorporating art into the curriculum is boosting learners’ creativity, curiosity, and imagination while making various skills (Althouse et al., 2003). As such, children learn to be independent at a young age because the curriculum guides them in identifying their areas of interest and nurturing these talents.

How I Would Like My Early Childhood Art Program to Look Like

I would like my early childhood art program to give an enjoyable experience that focuses on helping children develop their creativity, hence a program that guides learners in expressing their thoughts and feelings through art. As an educator, I understand that art should be a time that helps children express their ideas through experimenting with various materials. As such, I intend to make my early childhood art program appealing to all learners by choosing materials that appeal to different ages to encourage age-appropriate exploration.

What I found Interesting in the Research Article

One thing I found interesting in the research article comparing the two art curriculums is that both art curriculums aim to help learners nurture their artistic talents and abilities when applied in cross-cultural educational settings. Furthermore, the art curricula are inclusive of all learners, acknowledging learner diversity and assuring appropriateness to learner age. (Hamilton et al., 2019). In the article, I also found that art programs aim to address the shifting educational and social priorities such as innovation.

Responses that can be Used to Respond to Classmates

Hello, I read your post about the early childhood art program, and I would love to commend you for your thoughtful ideas. I agree that observation skills are essential to children’s development of art as communication helps them express themselves in the process of self-discovery.

This is a great post; it is well-organized, detailed, and enjoyable to read. However, your post should have incorporated the importance of early childhood art programs in child development. Consequently, I would love you to consider this part in the future.


Althouse, R., Johnson, M. H., & Mitchell, S. T. (2003). The colors of learning: Integrating the visual arts into the early childhood curriculum (Vol. 85). Teachers College Press.

Hamilton, A., Jin, Y., & Krieg, S. (2019). Early childhood arts curriculum: A cross-cultural study. Journal of Curriculum Studies51(5), 698-714.


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Please read the two articles attached and answer the following questions.

In your own words, describe the art curriculum.
How would you like your early childhood art program to look?

Art Curriculum for Young Explorers

Art Curriculum for Young Explorers

List something you found interesting in the research article comparing the two art curriculums.
List two responses that can be used to respond to two classmates

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