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Appreciation Essay: Examples, Format, and Topics

Appreciation Essay

An appreciation essay can be defined as a piece of writing that is both creative and academic and chooses to focus on a particular person, art, subject, place, object, or concept to show positive sentiments, gratitude, and admiration. Recognizing and valuing a person can make them feel worthy and validated while spreading positivity and kindness. This act can be carried out using words, gestures, or actions.

We use this essay to show appreciation for a particular topic. Writing an appreciation essay is not hard because it is among the common academic papers and there are plenty of appreciation essay examples available. If you are having a hard time with your appreciation essay, visit our website at where we have appreciation essay samples on different subjects.

This article is going to guide you on an appreciation essay format and even provide you with topics you can use to write your appreciation essay. With our homework help your paper is in safe hands.

Appreciation essay format

Below is a general appreciation format you can use when showing gratitude.

  1. Introduction
  • This section of your essay writing is used to capture the attention of your readers. Use the perfect hook to make sure your audience is invested in your paper. You can start the appreciation essay with an anecdote, joke, quote, or even a statistic.
  • Expound on your subject matter by introducing where you are directing your gratitude. Introduce the person or thing you will be appreciating and give a reason why you feel they deserve it.
  1. Background information
  • The readers will require more information on your appreciation subject. This will assist them in having enough context on the topic and understanding your views more. They will also be able to relate with you on the importance of your subject.
  • In the case your subject is a person, always state the kind of relationship you have with the person, their background, and achievements.
  1. Body paragraphs
  • An appreciation essay is written with 2-3 paragraphs as per your professor’s requirements.
  • Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence where you will introduce the main point of discussion. Each paragraph focuses on a single reason for appreciation. For instance, contributions, qualities, achievements, or even actions.
  • Each point should have supportive evidence. Show your readers that you have a valid reason to appreciate the person or thing. Could be observations, statistics, or even personal experiences.
  • Always make sure that the appreciation essay has a flow. Use transition sentences to move from one paragraph to the other and be organized. Present your points from the most important and relevant.
  1. Personal connection
  • Explain to the readers how you have interacted with the subject and the changes that followed after that.
  • Say what you think about the subject, and the feelings you have, and express your emotions.
  1. Impact
  • Show the readers the benefits that have developed as a result of your subject that have made you appreciate them. Go broader by discussing the impacts made in society and the influence they have.
  1. Conclusion
  • Remind the readers about your subject and why you are grateful.
  • Summarize all the main points in your appreciation essay
  • End an essay with a lasting impression on the subject. You should find something that will help your audience always remember the subject.
  1. Closing remarks
  • Finish with a statement of appreciation where you warmly and sincerely offer your gratitude.
  1. Sign and proofread
  • Personalize the essay by signing it. You can use your name or even your initials. Finish by checking your essay for errors. Make necessary corrections and check for clarity before submitting.

Appreciation essay topics

Writing the perfect appreciation essay requires you to have the right topic. There are plenty of areas one can show appreciation thus the appreciation topics are plenty. Choosing an appreciation topic is different for everybody because our reasons differ. Below are a few topics you can look at before choosing a topic that is interesting to you and your needs.

Dance appreciation essay topics

  1. What is ballet and how has it evolved over the years?
  2. How are modern dance styles influenced by African dance?
  3. Write a case study on Flamenco dancing and how it has impacted the culture of Spain.
  4. Can ballet be possible without men? Discuss
  5. How has pop culture been affected by hip-hop dance?
  6. Dancing is therapeutic. Explain various beneficial uses of dance
  7. What was dance used for during rituals in traditional times?
  8. Analyze how dance relates to technology in the modern era
  9. Is choreography dance and does it need music to happen?
  10. Different ways political leaders can use dance to protest
  11. Talk about Michael Jackson and the choreography available in the music videos
  12. Why do musical theaters use dance in their production?
  13. Who is Martha Graham and how has she impacted dance in the modern generation?
  14. The significance of dance in modern cultures
  15. Dance was embraced at weddings and funerals. Explain
  16. Explain ways in which different religions use dance
  17. What are the pros and cons of using dance as a marketing strategy
  18. Various ways the community can use dance to create social connections
  19. Different ways the media can help dancers with self-esteem and body image
  20. Diversity of modern dance as compared to traditional dance
  21. Name the different types of dance
  22. How have famous choreographers influenced the world?
  23. Is dance a source of income or entertainment?
  24. What kind of lives do ballet dancers lead?
  25. Can one create a legacy through dance?
  26. Is there honor in dance?
  27. Different ways social media has contributed to the growth of dance
  28. Online dance classes in the contemporary era
  29. Dance and covid-19
  30. How has education benefited from dance?
  31. What role does dance play in child development?
  32. Dance and Bollywood films
  33. How are teenagers affected by dance competitions?
  34. Ballroom dances and how they have made history from historical times till modern times
  35. Poetry VS dance

Art appreciation essay paper topics

  1. Why did art fail in the U.S. market?
  2. ‘Lady with a Fan’ by Gustav Klimt
  3. A case study on the Sistine chapel
  4. Name ten prominent female artists and their achievements
  5. The house museum by Louis Armstrong
  6. How has the Brooklyn Museum represented African fashion
  7. What impact did Raphael make as an artist?
  8. What is the relationship between Taylor Swift’s music career and the economy?
  9. Different ways Megan Nolan has made an impact on the literature of Irish
  10. Types of printing techniques
  11. Discuss art in philosophy
  12. Is photography an art?
  13. What is art?
  14. Why did the Egyptians value jewelry?
  15. What is an amulet and how were they used?
  16. Why are the dead buried wearing jewelry in Egypt?
  17. Discuss Mayan art
  18. musical instruments used in primal days
  19. The advantages and disadvantages the Egyptians have faced in maintaining their art canon
  20. Who is an impressionist discuss the two impressionists in history.
  21. When were the carnival masks in Venetian invented?
  22. Medieval France and stained glass
  23. Calligraphy styles and materials used in Japanese history
  24. The history of k-pop music
  25. African tribes and their textile industry
  26. The history of the Maori culture and their haka dance
  27. Malaysian tradition of shadow puppet dancing
  28. What are the characteristics of the mehndi in the Middle East
  29. Vietnamese and their tradition in water puppetry
  30. Papua New Guinea and their art of using totem masks
  31. Discuss the style, symbol, and composition used by Leonardo da Vinci in ‘The Last Supper’
  32. What is the difference between the artwork of Patrick Hughes ‘Darkness Falls’ and other pieces
  33. What were the intentions of Giovanni Arnolfini when he did the painting ‘Marriage Contract’?
  34. What is the purpose of Christopher David White ‘Heart of Gold ‘
  35. What is meant by good art?
  36. The benefit of schools adding art to their curriculum
  37. The best artwork of the 18th century
  38. What are the similarities and differences between art in the 20th century vs. the 18th century?
  39. Why are the Baroque sculptures easy to recognize?
  40. Can we say computer games are a form of art?
  41. Is graffiti street art?
  42. What impact does art have in our lives?
  43. Art as a form of investment
  44. The Effiel Tower in Paris stole the show in the 20th century
  45. Describe Chinese art from medieval times till today.

Parting shot

Appreciation essays are important for expressing gratitude towards people, objects, and art amongst others. From this article, you have learned about the appreciation essay format and also received a few topics for your appreciation essay. If you have an appreciation essay that is due, visit and you will find experts who will write your essay. We also have online classes where you will learn everything you need like writing a short essay about appreciation. We are affordable and our work is high-quality. We assure you of a remarkable capstone project courtesy of our reliable capstone project writing services.

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