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Application of Managerial Finances

Application of Managerial Finances

Every week there was new information in the course materials that I learned. My most significant experiences are hard to choose from, so I’ll mention a couple. In week one, I learned much about the many financial institutions (depositary, investment, and contractual), including how they influence the economy by driving market volatility or stability.

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I learned how to calculate financial ratios for a company by knowing how to look at its performance, finance, and operations. The effects of the dividend discount model (DDM) on the company were interesting. They will help a company determine what its stock is worth to its stockholders. It will help potential investors decide what kind of return they can expect from their investment. I know more about capital structures and how they may affect a company. It might help a business reach higher levels of development and profitability (Zutter & Smart, 2019). I’ve discovered how using cash, credit, or even your inventory may impact how other companies run their operations and the other way around.

In conclusion, we learned about leases and how they could impact a business. For instance, the gym for my granddaughter just signed a fifteen-year contract. They got a great deal because they’ll bring many people to the retail area where it’ll be held.

Having plenty of clients has its advantages, like this. As you can see, this class taught me many things that will be useful to me in any managerial positions I hold. You must know a company’s operations, requirements, and potential investor rewards. This has made it easier for me to comprehend how the business is set up.

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Managerial Finances

Managerial Finances

Reflect on your experience in this course (managerial finances). What key takeaways have you learned in this course that you can apply tomorrow or shortly?

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