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Appeal Letter for Non-Reward of Grades

Appeal Letter for Non-Reward of Grades

Student’s Name and Number

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Dr (Name),

Dean Faculty Name

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Dear Dr. (name)

RE: Appeal Letter for Non-Reward of Grades

I am writing this letter to appeal for the non-reward of grade for the group project in the just released result by my unit professor for (name of the course, for example, ECE 634) course. I do not accept partial grades for the assignment I turned in. My recent grade of 58% for this course is also heartbreaking. I agree that you gave us a group assignment, and I did not submit the group presentation nor participate in team channels for at least the last four weeks. I did not participate in or attend the groups because I was aware that the groups were created at the start of the class. However, I did not hear anything about them again after the creation and did not know my group. In addition, I am not that experienced and conversant about how to go about groups or teams, which really affected my participation. I also did not hear you explain how we would handle group presentations. I also did not know when and where my group members met, which made me miss the four sessions.

I understand the grading policy for this unit included group participation and group project marks. However, because I had little knowledge and experience on how to work with teams, I failed to participate in group discussions, forming the basis of my appeal for a better grade in this unit. Secondly, even though I never participated in the groups but attended almost all lectures, I believe I deserved a better grade. Sincerely, sir. I agree I made a mistake and need your assistance to resolve this issue. It is because if the grade you gave me becomes my final mark, I might be dropped off from the entire program. Kindly, sir, I need practical assistance to correct the problem so I can get basic marks to be sustained in the program. I am ready to do an extra credit assignment to improve this grade. Do you need help with your assignment ? Hire our assignment writing services in case your assignment is devastating you.

I sincerely look forward to your response. Thank you in advance for your consideration and time.



Student Name


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Appeal Letter for Non-Reward of Grades

Appeal Letter for Non-Reward of Grades

Message from Professor: I have talked with the Dean and will give you partial credit for the assignments you completed and turned in. You will receive no points for team participation, though, as you have never participated in the TEAM. I will let you know when I have finished grading and the new final grade.

Response from me, the student: Dear Prof.,
Greetings. I had a conversation with academic planning yesterday evening, and they are worried about my grade since it has been over two weeks. I explained to them that you are still working on two pending grades. May I know how soon you intend to release the final grade?

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