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AP Lang Synthesis Essay Writing Guide

AP Lang Synthesis Essay Writing Guide

AP Lang Synthesis Essay

In case you plan to do the AP Lang exam, you may be aware that your overall exam score’s 55% will be built on 3 essays. The AP Lang synthesis essay is the initial of the 3 essays you will have to craft for your exam on AP Language. For you to earn this AP Language Exam portion’s full points, you must be well conversant with both the synthesis essay and AP English essay requisite skills.

This article will elaborate on the various AP Lang synthesis essay aspects, including the skills you must exhibit in writing your AP English essay response to attain a top score.

What is AP Lang

The AP Lang, is amongst the most popular and fascinating AP classes provided at many secondary schools, with more than 535,000 students enrolling. AP Lang examines your capability to evaluate written work, synthesize data, craft rhetorical AP Lang essays, and form coherent and real arguments. However, an AP Lang class is quite challenging since only sixty-two percent of students could score a 3 or above on the AP Lang exam.

The exam on AP Lang consists of 2 sections. The 1st portion includes 45 questions on multiple choice which must complete within one hour. This section accounts for about 45% of the overall score. The questions require students to evaluate written work and respond to questions associated with every individual passage.  Every likely answer choice can be accessed in context and no prior literature knowledge is required to comprehend the passages.

The 2nd section includes 3-4 response questions that are to be completed in under 2 hours and fifteen minutes. This portion accounts for your score’s 55% and contains a synthesis essay, an argumentative essay, and a rhetorical essay.

  • The AP Lang synthesis essay needs you to study six to seven sources and form an argument making use of a minimum of three sources.
  • A rhetorical essay needs you to define how a writing piece evokes particular symbolism and meanings.
  • An argumentative essay needs you to select a debate perspective and form an argument depending on the evidence given.

AP Lang synthesis essay rubric

The AP Lang synthesis essay rating employs a scale of 9 points, which has clear-cut minimal expectations for score awarding. Normally, the highest ranking for any AP Lang synthesis essay is 9, and meets the below requirements;

  • Manifests a remarkable style of writing and language command.
  • Identifies relevant sources and archives the sources accurately.
  • Critically appraises every source and combines it to develop a coherent argument.
  • Clearly defines the position that tackles the prompt.
  • Adheres to all the essay’s technical requirements

The 4-point essay proposes that you misunderstand the prompt, make use of minimal sources, analyze sources incorrectly, and show limited language control. Consecutively, these essay ratings continue to decline as the papers’ standards fall beyond the minimal 4-point essay expectations. In particular, synthesis essays complete with a summary attain 2 points score or less.

What Is a Synthesis Essay, AP Lang

The first of the 3 essays involved in the AP Lang exam’s section of the free response is an AP Lang synthesis essay 

The free response essay portion’s section lasts for a total of one hour. This one hour involves the 15-minute reading period recommended and a writing period of 40 minutes. However, these allotments of time are just recommendations, and the applicants can analyze critically the 60 minutes allotted to finish the AP Lang synthesis essay in any way they prefer.

The structure of an AP Lang synthesis essay takes the appearance. The exam displays 6-7 sources organized across a particular topic. Of these 6-7 sources, a minimum of 2 are visual, involving at least 1 quantitative source for example a pie chart or a graph. The remaining 4-5 sources are imprinted text-based, and every one contains 500 words approximately.

On top of 6-7 sources, an AP Language exam gives a drafted prompt that includes 3 paragraphs. This prompt will shortly elaborate on the topic of the essay, then provide the claim that you will answer in the essay that incorporates information from at the minimum of 3 of the provided sources.

Apply the following to write a compelling AP Lang synthesis essay;

  1. Cite a minimum of 4 sources, although the minimum condition is 3. Avoid plagiarism and cite all your arguments sources.
  2. Ensure to establish a clear and strong thesis. Build up a stable claim stand and adhere to it throughout your entire paper.
  3. Do not sum up your sources. The sources summary is not part of the argument.
  4. It’s not a must you agree with your sources for your citation. Making use of a source for counterargument support is all the same a good source use.
  5. Cite only the comprehensible and relevant sources since irrelevant ones will pose a difficulty in your writing process.
  6. Make use of small quotes, don’t quote whole paragraphs. Ensure the quote doesn’t disrupt your essay flow or sentence grammar you write.

AP Lang Synthesis Essay Outline

With only 55 minutes for reading six to eight given sources and crafting a synthesis essay, the AP Lang exam essay FRQ can be difficult. Follow these steps while writing your AP Lang synthesis essay outline to save you tons of time and energy;

1.      Carefully study the prompt

It is critical to honestly read your AP Lang exam’s every word. Owing to the excellent job of a college of providing some prompt context.

They also describe terms that might seem unfamiliar to you. Therefore, you must take your time to study the basic information instead of studying the task only.

2.      Affirm a position

It is advantageous to argue a stand before handling the essay sources but you don’t have to contend your stand.

You may rethink your decision or boost it, but you must come to a clear decision before dealing with information sources. This will aid you have a clue as you establish your argument.

3.      Annotate your essay sources

When mastering writing an AP Lang synthesis essay outline, it is essential to annotate your sources. However, concentrate on the information sources that you comprehend.

In case there is any source you don’t understand never use it and don’t annotate it since it’s a waste of time. Deal with the information sources you will make use of.

4.      Commence your synthesis essay’s outline

After reading your sources, concentrate on creating the actual outline of your synthesis essay. The initial thing to do will be to consider your opening paragraph. You proceed to divide it into two sections: the thesis and the context.

In context, you aim to lay out the issue at hand from a wider perspective. For example, what basic information are you aware of concerning this essay topic? This will help guide you to the original thesis statement when you contend your stand and it must be defensible.

5.      Plan the body paragraphs of your essay

Since you are now done with the outline of your introduction, plan the body paragraphs of your AP Lang synthesis essay. When concentrating on the body paragraph’s number, consider the key idea of each one. You require a reasoning line, so your paragraph ideas must be set in alphabetical order.

Then contemplate the evidence from your sources that will assert your argument. Since you must cite 3 distinct sources, involve the source citations with the evidence in your synthesis essay’s outline.

6.      Your synthesis essay’s conclusion

When writing your synthesis essay’s outline, the information in your conclusion differs from the aim. When making a complete outline or you have school time to handle it, include several bullet-point notes.

This includes rephrasing your thesis statement but in various verbatim. However, in case you are dealing with a time-writing situation, take time doing something apart from outlining your conclusion.

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To sum up

Towards the culmination of your studies, you must have the capability to scrutinize a situation based on disciplinary concepts and display your argument to your target audience. Subsequently, you must learn the process of writing an AP Lang synthesis essay since it accelerates academic discourse.

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