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Anticipated Nursing Role-Family Nurse Practitioner

Anticipated Nursing Role-Family Nurse Practitioner

Excellent nursing care requires a proper understanding of the functionalities of all bodily systems and the impact of age on their functionalities. For program completion, my priority is in the endocrine system and associated disorders such as diabetic hypertension and the elderly population. Diabetic hypertension is a common chronicity among persons with type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM), with a prevalence of over 37.4% (Abdissa & Kene, 2020). This causes significant healthcare considerations for these patients.

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I have finished the nervous system and am still working on other systems. The nervous system was insightful. I got to learn various pathologies associated with the nervous system. I also got to appreciate the clinical complexities that these conditions present and the nursing role in their management. In pediatric categories, I have been able to capture the child category. I plan to do the child and teen categories in my next rotation. Job et al. (2019) identify four pediatric age stratifies, namely neonates (From birth to 1 month), infants (1 month to 24 months), children (24 months to 12 years) and teens/adolescents (12 years to 16 years).

This activity has given me insight into the role of nurses in pediatric and elderly care. I have learned the role of nurses in chronic care and how age variations present different care challenges. The elderly, for instance, have complex care needs requiring more nursing care. I have also learned about pediatric age stratifies and how these categories differ in their care needs. Having to contend with the varying patient care needs and understanding the electronic health record system software made this activity memorable. I was also able to achieve some of my goals in content coverage and application of nursing skills. If I were to see the patient again, I would communicate with them soundly, applying the communication skills I learned during my first rotation.


Abdissa, D., & Kene, K. (2020).Prevalence and Determinants of Hypertension Among Diabetic Patients in Jimma University Medical Center, Southwest Ethiopia, Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome And Obesity: Targets And TherapyVolume 13, 2317-2325.

Job, K., Gamalo, M., & Ward, R. (2019). Pediatric Age Groups and Approach to Studies. Therapeutic Innovation &Amp; Regulatory Science53(5), 584-589.


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The professional goal that I find the most important as a future Family Nurse Practitioner is to be able to accurately assess and diagnose future patient populations and correctly compose treatment plans. Aside from caring for patients, I hope I will be able to positively influence patient health choices and create constructive rapport with patients based on mutual respect.

Anticipated Nursing Role-Family Nurse Practitioner

Anticipated Nursing Role-Family Nurse Practitioner

During the last 8 weeks of clinical, I was able to reach some of my goals and learn things that will help me on my next rotations. After shadowing my preceptor for a few patients, my preceptor gives me the chance to improve my assessment skills by letting me do it on my own. With the help of some references and my preceptor, I was able to get over my weakness and make the right diagnosis for my patient. When I talk to a patient, I have a lot of chances to do things like assess, diagnose, communicate, teach, and speak up for the patient. Some of the time, my preceptor lets me decide how to treat a patient, and I’m surprised that I can give the right treatment with my preceptor’s help. One of the challenges I face in the first few days of my clinical is the software for the electronic health record. The staff and other students were so helpful because they were willing to answer my questions about how to use the software for documentation in the clinic.
My goals for my next clinical rotations are to be able to handle several important cases that will help me finish the course, to be more proactive in how I treat and care for patients, and to be able to deal with the challenges of my school and clinical workload. Lastly, they should be able to deal with skin problems, simple wounds, pap tests, pelvic exams, and making sure babies are healthy.
Pls make a paragraph to answer this question.
Which categories (body systems) and which ages should you prioritize for program completion? Endocrine like diabetes, Hypertension, and elderly people
Which areas have you finished? I finished Neuro and am still completing other systems.
Of the minimum required pediatric categories (infant, child, teen), and maternal health, how many more do you still need to capture in your total clinical requirements (list each category)? I made the child and am planning to do the child and teen on the next rotation
Reflect on your completion of this activity and the considerations above. Template
Summarize a reflection that includes a de-identified description of a patient encounter you found memorable for this course.
What made it memorable, and what might you do differently if you were to see that patient again?
A minimum of 250 words, not including references
Citations: At least one high-level scholarly reference in APA from within the last 5 years

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