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Ancient Globalization

Ancient Globalization

Identify a historical perspective that could be applied to your historical event.

I initially wanted to review globalization in the ancient world. However, I realized that the topic was too broad, so I decided to revise the topic to the relationship between past globalization trends and the modern world. Existing evidence from secondary sources suggests that past globalization trends played a significant role in shaping the contemporary world. For instance, the Silk Road, which was a network of sea and land trade routes lining Southeast East Asia and Europe, facilitated the exchange of ideas, technology, diseases, and religions, hence promoting advancements in medical research to treat illnesses and the application of technology to improve people’s lives. The ancient Roman Empire was also recognized as the earliest example of globalization, characterized by conquering many tribes and nations around the Mediterranean Sea and spreading Roman cultural traditions, language, and law (Pitts & Versluys, 2015). Communication became more developed through Latin, a common language used by the government, and information was spread through the improved network of Roman roads. Trade in Rome advanced in the 1st and 2nd centuries, creating a free trade zone among different nations under Roman rule. In the 16th century, globalization began when European explorers moved to the New World, thus affecting the people through the Colombian exchange, which led to the introduction of new animals such as horses, plants, and diseases such as measles and smallpox that have currently prompted medical research to get the best vaccine and treatment (Deng, 2011). The Dutch and British founded corporations in the 17th century to facilitate trade and encourage international investments. They promoted mercantilism, where the British government sanctioned trade monopolies, hence defining the role of the government in facilitating transactions via trade policies.

Revise your research question based on evidence from your primary and secondary sources.

The revised research question discusses past globalization trends and their role in shaping the modern world. As mentioned earlier, the new research question narrows the research scope, making it easy to analyze existing data relating to the questions to support arguments to answer the question.

  • How did past globalization trends contribute to shaping the modern world?
  • What are the major historical globalization trends that contributed to the rise of the modern world?

Explain how historical perspective and evidence from sources influenced your finalized research question.

The historical perspective is ideal for my research because a research gap exists in reviewing globalization from a historical viewpoint. Most existing research focuses on globalization’s political and social views, including its economic and social impacts. I, therefore, felt the need to focus on something that has not yet been thoroughly discussed by other researchers so that I can add to existing literature, drawing a connection between crucial historical globalization trends and the modern world because some of those trends, such as the exchange of technology and prevalence of trade across countries have contributed to the growth of many countries around the globe. Evidence from the sources helped me frame my research question based on the specific information I would use. Before reviewing the evidence, I had thought of preparing my research question as the impact of past globalization on the modern world. Still, I realized that past globalization trends had influenced the contemporary world, so I revised the research question to specify that I was focusing on historical globalization trends. The new research question would also be ideal for exploring the historical perspective of globalization because it focuses on globalization trends that occurred in ancient times.


Deng, K. G. (2011). China and the birth of globalization in the 16th century – By Dennis O. Flynn and Arturo Giraldez. The Economic History Review, 64(2), 701-702.

Pitts, M., & Versluys, M. J. (2015). Globalization and the Roman world: Perspectives and opportunities. Globalization and the Roman World, 3-31.


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Ancient Globalization

Ancient Globalization

Topic – Globalization: First, use your primary and secondary sources to help you choose a historical perspective (social, political, or economic) to apply to your topic. Then consider the evidence you have found in those sources and if that evidence supports your research questions or suggests you need to go in another direction. Finally, you will choose one research question to focus on and revise it. Revising may involve rewriting your research question completely. Or you may need to narrow your focus or improve the clarity of the question.

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