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Analyzing Challenges and Solutions in International Disaster Relief Organizations

Analyzing Challenges and Solutions in International Disaster Relief Organizations

Problems Associated with U.S.-based Disaster Relief Coordination and Response at the International Level

            One of the main challenges that U.S. disaster management organizations face on the international level is information sharing (Coppola, 2006). Communication plays a vital role in the successful management of disasters. Within the United States, the failed management of Hurricane Katrina was a learning point for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), which led to significant improvements in the communication infrastructures for better disaster management. However, on the international level, U.S. agencies still face challenges coordinating information in the respective places facing emergency issues. U.S.-based organizations have also faced the challenge of limited infrastructure in the places where they are conducting disaster relief programs (Coppola, 2006). For instance, the inadequacy of roads and other transportation systems limits the travel of the agencies to the affected areas.

The communication problem can be solved by collaborating with international disaster management organizations to develop better communication infrastructure to avoid experiencing information-sharing issues. On infrastructure improvement, U.S.-based organizations can perform international advocacies for the improvement of disaster management infrastructures, especially for places with a high risk of disasters.

International Disaster Relief Organizations

Two international disaster relief organizations include Red Cross and USAID. Red Cross is a humanitarian organization that manages disaster relief programs across the world with over 17 million volunteers. USAID is an international development organization managed by the U.S. federal government. Red Cross specifically performs disaster management programs while USAID engages in many development projects with disaster relief being managed as one unit of the whole organization. Red Cross generally has a greater influence on international disaster relief. This NGO has been managing even the smallest of disasters, especially in developing countries. It has had a greater impact having developed a large community of volunteers who help people when faced with crises.


Coppola, D. P. (2006). Introduction to international disaster management. Elsevier.


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Disaster Relief Organizations

Disaster Relief Organizations

Analyze at least two (2) major problems associated with U.S.-based disaster relief coordination and response at the international level. Next, suggest one (1) solution to each of the problems in question. Provide a rationale for your response.

Select two (2) international disaster relief organizations, and compare and contrast their roles in international emergency management. Take a position on which organization has made greater contributions to the international emergency management field. Provide a rationale for your response.

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